Kyle Shanahan Leaves Door Open for Frank Gore Rejoining 49ers

The 49ers are desperate at running back.
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The 49ers are desperate at running back.

Every player at the position has an injury designation going into the Week 3 matchup with the Packers. To sure up the position they have signed Jacques Patrick off of the Bengal practice squad and Chris Thompson via free agency. Adding another running back down the line is very possible still.

That is when one reporter on Wednesday asked Kyle Shanahan about the consideration of Frank Gore. 

“I think I would never put anything past Frank," Shanahan said. "I know if you probably give him a little heads up and some notice he'll always be ready to work and help a team. I thought it was a little early for that. Our guys still have a chance of playing this week. So, we looked at it as an opportunity with not having 53 on our roster to try to steal someone off someone else's practice squad, which we did. And then try to add a practice squad guy, which we did with [RB] Chris [Thompson]. So, we've never fully ruled that out. I don't know exactly where he is right now, but I've got a number of people in here who have a relationship with him. If that time ever comes that we need to do that and he wants to do it then I would never rule it out.”

His response leaves the door open for Gore to rejoin the 49ers.

Of course, that is just in case the 49ers really needed to go down that route. I do not envision the 49ers ever bringing Gore back as much as the nostalgia may be enticing. I myself even brought up Gore being signed in the offseason, but that was prior to the draft and it was to give another leadership voice on the offense. That voice is gone with Raheem Mostert now on Injured Reserve. 

So there would be that potential benefit in bringing Gore in, but ultimately I see it as a slim chance at best that he is ever reunited. The only time the 49ers will re-sign Gore is when he signs a one-day contract to retire as a member of the team. He isn't a scheme fit and doesn't have the quickness as most of the rostered running backs do.

This idea of bringing Gore is more like "why not?" since the 49ers are already scrambling at the position.