49ers Fear Jason Verrett Tore his ACL

The 49ers won't know for sure until they get the results back from his MRI.
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DETROIT -- This is awful news.

The 49ers fear cornerback Jason Verrett tore his ACL during the fourth quarter of their 41-33 win over the Detroit Lions. The 49ers won't know for sure until they get the results back from his MRI. If the results show a tear, it will be Verrett's second ruptured ACL since 2016.

Here's what head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game about the injury.

Q: How difficult is to see Verrett go down with another serious injury?

SHANAHAN: "It's crushing. We're hoping for the best, but it's crushing. The bad luck he has had, putting together these past two years being healthy and the camp he just had -- I have a lot of love for Verrett. I respect him as much as anyone I've ever been around."

Q: Did you sense that team sunk a bit after that injury?

SHANAHAN: "A little bit. I think I did, too. Any time you give a chance to get back in the game like that, and it starts with me, that happened to Verrett about the seven-minute mark, I became too concerned with protecting our guys, as opposed to doing whatever it takes to win."

Q: How close was Josh Norman to being able to play in this game?

SHANAHAN: "He was definitely ready to go. We're excited to have him here. I expect him to be ready next week also."

Q: Have you discussed signing Richard Sherman?

SHANAHAN: "Yeah, we've discussed it. I've talked to Sherman about it, too. Sherman is always a possibility."