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Should the 49ers Place a Waiver Claim in for Melvin Gordon?

Kicking the tires on Melvin Gordon as a practice squad stash couldn't hurt the 49ers.

The 49ers have had a healthy running back room in recent weeks.

Still, that usually never lasts for them, which means they could have an interest in reinforcing it should the need arise. One player who could be of interest to the 49ers is running back Melvin Gordon who was just released by the Broncos.

Gordon has familiarity with running backs coach Anthony Lynn, so that could get the 49ers to at least consider placing a claim on waivers for him. He should also be able to thrive in the run zone scheme that Kyle Shanahan operates, which would make him another fit in that sense. Gordon would likely be placed on practice squad in case of emergencies.

So should the 49ers place a waiver claim in for Gordon?

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Absolutely not. Gordon's hands are literally made of butter. He has fumbled the rock countless times this season with three fumbles occuring at the goal line. That is something Shanahan never has a tolerance for with his running backs. And the 49ers are not an offense that can handle turnovers as it will place them in a compromising position where they could be chasing the game. 

Plus, whoever picks up Gordon off of waivers will be responsible for his $836,111 in fully guaranteed base salary and $102,941 in per-game active roster bonuses. It's not that the 49ers cannot afford him, but they can most likely let him pass through waivers and sign him for cheaper. I don't really see any other team looking to place a claim for Gordon's services, so if the 49ers really want him, then they should just let him fall through waivers and sign him straight up.

Ultimately, Gordon is not a player that the 49ers, or any team really, should be interested in. It wouldn't hurt to bring him in on a minimum deal to stash on the practice squad, but I just don't see the attraction. Gordon has no explosion anymore and is clearly hurting from the mental aspect of the game. Losing as many fumbles as he does indicates he's in his own head to at least a degree. The 49ers can't have that.

Thanks, but no thanks on Gordon.