The 49ers Should Trade Jimmie Ward

Haven't we seen enough?
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Haven't we seen enough?

Jimmie Ward is the longest-tenured player on the 49ers -- they drafted him in 2014. He has played  70 games in the NFL, and has intercepted just two passes, forced only two fumbles and recovered just two fumbles.

He's not a good safety. He's serviceable. A solid tackler, but not a play maker. Not an impact player. And he gets injured and misses games every season.

Last Sunday, he missed the Patriots game with a quadricep injury he suffered in practice, and the 49ers defense played better without him. Gave up only six points and forced four turnovers. His replacement, Tarvarius Moore, popped off the screen and made his presence felt in ways Ward almost never does.

Moore is a former third-round pick who's only 24. He's younger, faster, cheaper, more aggressive, more durable and more instinctual than Ward. He's just plan better than Ward.

This past offseason, the 49ers gave Ward a three-year, $28.5 million extension -- they really like him. But he'll be 30 next summer. They should trade him and that awful contract while they still can. Free up some cap space for better players.

The 49ers could trade Ward for a draft pick -- perhaps a second- or third-rounder. Or, they could trade him for a player they need, a player who could help them win the Super Bowl this season. 

A player such as Cowboys defensive end Everson Griffen. 

Pass rush currently is the 49ers' biggest weakness on defense. Griffen has 77 career sacks and is 32 years old -- not ancient for a pass rusher. He has life left, and he's on the trade block. Maybe the Cowboys want Ward. Who knows?

Someone certainly will want him.

Trade Jimmy Ward.