The 49ers' Biggest Concern Heading Into Next Season

Hint: It's not quarterback.
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The 49ers' biggest concern heading into next season is not the quarterback position.

Quarterback is what we all want to talk about. It's the sexy position. But Jimmy Garoppolo is a serviceable quarterback when healthy and the 49ers can win with him. And they almost certainly will draft a quarterback, too. So they should improve their quarterback room this offseason.

The 49ers' biggest concern isn't cornerback, either, even though almost all their corners will be free agents. The 49ers know they need corners, and they'll get get some. They're well aware of the situation in the secondary.

And they almost certainly will get a new center, too. Plus a guard. The 49ers understand they have weaknesses at these spots and surely will address them.

But there's one spot the 49ers don't know they need to address. One spot they're in denial about.

Right tackle.

Not only has head coach Kyle Shanahan said Mike McGlinchey will return as the starting right tackle next season, Shanahan said the 49ers will pick up McGlinchey's fifth-year option AND would draft him all over again with the ninth pick if given the chance.


McGlinchey arguably was the worst right tackle in the NFL last season. He weighed less than 290 pounds, so he got thrown around like a kid in the ocean. He couldn't stand up to NFL power, nor keep up with NFL speed. He was a hologram. An illusion.

And he's coming back next season, apparently. So whoever plays quarterback -- good luck.