Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo Reportedly is Plan A for the Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo may not play for the 49ers much longer.
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Jimmy Garoppolo may not play for the 49ers much longer.

Patriots insider Greg Bedard said recently on his podcast that the Patriots are focused on reacquiring Jimmy Garoppolo from the 49ers this season. Which is good news for the 49ers, who seem like they're dying to trade Garoppolo.

Here's Bedard's full quote:

"From what I gather from talking to people this week, Jimmy Garoppolo is still far and away their Plan A. The optimal situation for the Patriots this season is Jimmy G coming back here. And of course, that's all dependent on the 49ers doing something. And don't believe anything John Lynch says. Lynch basically has no power there. It's Kyle Shanahan's show from top to bottom. And Shanahan keeps things very much close to his chest. He doesn't show his cards. He might even leave Lynch out there twisting in the wind. 

"I do think the 49ers believe they're not going to do anything until they do better, but this Teddy Bridgewater stuff bears watching, or at least I know other teams are watching it. Because if they trade for Bridgewater, his base salary for the season is $17 million -- that's not backup money. That's starter money. And he makes $20 million a year after that. And believe me when I tell you this: Shanahan is the type of guy who thinks his offensive scheme can win with just about any type of quarterback. That's what he believes. 

"And so, if they are looking at Bridgewater, I think that's very interesting. If you're a Patriots fan, you have to be rooting for the 49ers to do something. And I can't really see them going all in on Deshaun Watson. But this Bridgewater thing is interesting. I bet Shanahan looks at him says, 'That's a guy I can win with. Maybe he throws a better deep ball than Garoppolo. Maybe he makes better decisions. Look, I think Jimmy is way better than Bridgewater, but in that scheme, maybe Bridgewater is a better fit.

"Maybe they're looking to get more ammunition. Maybe they decide to deal off Garoppolo to the Patriots for a second so they have the ammunition to move up in the draft. Don't discount making moves to get more ammunition to possibly get Trey Lance or Mac Jones or whoever. And maybe that's why you have Teddy. Maybe he's a gap guy, the Alex Smith role to Patrick Mahomes to whatever the 49ers do."

Watch Bedard explain his report below: