Why Travis Benjamin is a Lock to Make 49ers Roster

Jose Luis Sanchez III

When Travis Benjamin was initially signed by the San Francisco 49ers, there wasn't much indication that he would make the final roster.

That is mainly due to the fact that he can be cut without any repercussions to the salary cap. He does provide the veteran presence that is needed at wide receiver as well as the vertical threat. Benjamin, when healthy, is an adequate speedster who can take the top off a defense.

San Francisco's offense was missing that last season. And as much he would add a new wrinkle to the offense, the 49ers are not obligated to retain him. 

That was until Deebo Samuel broke his foot on June 16. Samuel's injury increased the likelihood of Benjamin making the final roster cuts. 

In fact, Benjamin is now a lock to make the 49ers roster.

I do not expect the Niners to let Benjamin go at any point. The reason being is that Benjamin's experience will come in handy to bridge a bit of the gap left by Samuel, assuming he is out for a game or two.

This is another reason why the 49ers do not, and will not, add another wide receiver to the roster. They already have plentiful options at the position with players ready to step up. 

Why bring in another veteran receiver when they already have one in their ranks?

Not to mention that a newly added receiver would have to learn the playbook and somehow rise up the depth chart in extremely limited fashion. Thinking the 49ers need to add another player is outright foolish.

Kyle Shanahan will not have to worry about a learning curve with Benjamin, especially since he has familiarity with the offense. It is no secret that the wide receivers of the 49ers are young and still need development. That is where Benjamin comes in to ease that deficiency.

He isn't of the same caliber as Emmanuel Sanders, but Benjamin can still be a threatening option. He'll at least garner some attention against defenses just because of his speed. That should open things up the middle and within 15 yards for other receivers to eat up the yards.

Shanahan is sure to be feeling some excitement that he finally has a vertical threat in his offense. If he is a great schemer like everyone touts him to be, then he should be just fine with Benjamin and others at his disposal in the meantime.

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No. 1-1

Good reporting and Benjamin should be somewhat of a threat deep but you have overlooked the (now) fastest man on the team, Aiyuk. Read a report that he is faster than all but two players in the NFL, but certainly is one of the fastest on the team. If so, he is our deep threat. Would be good to confirm that at some point. Actually would be interesting to see a footrace between him and Mostert with maybe McKinnon being a dark horse.