Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson, Who's Closer to Being a Bear?

Russell Wilson has actually said he would come to Chicago but hasn't asked for a trade, while Deshaun Watson does want a trade but hasn't singled out Chicago as a relocation spot, and the Bears don't appear to have what The Texans would want in exchange.

The chance Deshaun Watson could be on the trade market became possibly a tiny closer to reality when someone very familiar with the situation changed his view on the topic.

Longtime Houston football reporter John McClain had said the Texans had no intention of trading Watson, but has called now for them to consider it after Watson actually asked for a trade and then reiterated it with the added threaten he could miss camp and games.

It's a little bit of outside and inside pressure on the Texans to make a deal, and it can't hurt teams who hope to pursue Watson.

The situation for the Bears acquiring Watson really doesn't improve other than to know Watson is possibly heading down a one-way road to the marketplace.

At least Watson is closer to being moved than Russell Wilson, who said Chicago was one place he'd like to go if traded—and in the process set off a wild feeding frenzy of Bears fans getting prepared for his arrival on social media.

The difference here is Wilson has not asked to be traded by Seattle. Watson has asked to be traded and threatened to sit.

If available, Watson is no closer to being a Bears quarterback than before. 

Nothing has changed. 

The Bears still have only the 20th and 52nd draft picks to offer up as trade bait this year, and possibly Allen Robinson if they tagged him. They could also send some younger talent or dip into future years for top draft picks, but NFL teams don't covet future first-rounders the way they do an early pick in the current draft and they don't really want veteran players with big contracts at all—like Khalil Mack. The Bears in this bidding war would be behind a dozen or more teams who would have interest in Watson and have better and/or more picks this year to offer.

According to McClain, Watson has met with new Texans coach David Culley via Zoom and still wants to be out of town.

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero has reported teams have been leaving voice-mail messages telling the Texans they want to talk about acquiring Watson but those messages aren't being returned. 

McClain said the Texans appear willing to let Watson sit in order to force him into playing.

"That's not a healthy way of doing business," McClain concluded.

Watson has a $156 million running through 2025.

All things being equal, the Bears would be much more likely to get Wilson if Seattle wanted to deal him since they are among the preferred destinations.

Whether they have what Seattle or Houston would want remains the greatest stumbling block to either quarterback coming to Chicago.

The option often mentioned in rumors from Las Vegas has been the Bears or one of a couple other teams acquire Derek Carr from the Raiders by giving up two first-round draft picks so Las Vegas could ship four first-rounders to the Texans for Watson. Without getting a quarterback like Watson or Wilson, the Raiders would have no interest in trading Carr.

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