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An Offer They Refused to Accept or Consider

Seattle didn't consider the Bears attempt to trade for Russell Wilson a negotiation, largely because the Seahawks say they never had any attempt to trade their quarterback.

The truth about the Russell Wilson trade is out and it's not much different than everything anyone already knew.

Seattle general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll met with the media covering the Seahawks on Wednesday and for the first time addressed the attempt made to acquire the veteran quarterback.

While Schneider didn't specifically name the Bears and neither did Bears GM Ryan Pace, it has been reported for more than month that the two teams had talked about a Bears trade proposal at the the North Dakota State pro day in March. Or at least the Bears talked. It doesn't seem the Seahawks listened.

"Russ has been our quarterback for a good while," Carroll said in an article by Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. "And we've got a long contract with him. And when all of the conversation went about trades and all that, I knew what the truth was — we weren't trading Russell.

"We plan on him being here for a good, good while — I don't know how many years it is now, but we're in great shape and a long future ahead of us is shared. Russ knows that and I know that."

So Bears fans can stop counting down the days until 2022 trading and free agency season begins.

Or can they? You never know what can develop within a season, especially when there has been some friction.

And according to Seahawk Maven's Corbin Smith, there was obvious friction working when Wilson came out and said the Bears, Dallas, New Orleans and Las Vegas were all teams he was willing to go to in a trade. Carroll didn't like this.

"I had made a clear statement to Russ, 'let's just shutdown and be quiet on this stuff. We don't need to say anything,' " Carroll said, according to Smith. "We know the truth of what's going on.' When that came out, that got a little over the top and it opened up some other conversations that didn't need to happen and that's an example of why we're quiet and why we don't say anything.

"It was so meaningless cause it had nothing to do with what was going on. It just gave another little bite that people could talk about and I wish we would have avoided that. That's what I'm saying."

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Wilson had been upset he was being hit too much by the pass rush and also wanted a bigger say in offensive personnel decisions

"He never made any statement that he had to have more say, so that never happened. None of that happened," Carroll told reporters.

Schneider would not classify his talks with the Bears as trade talks. The Bears were reportedly offering three first-round picks and two starters.

Smith's story said Schneider admitted "several teams" called him about Wilson but Smith said he "never actively negotiated with anybody."

The earlier reports never did say the Seahawks negotiated. They merely said the Bears made an offer.

Apparently it was an offer Carroll and Schneider could refuse and did.

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