Allen Robinson's Thoughts on New Deal and Bears QB

Gene Chamberlain

For a receiver of renowned skills, Allen Robinson seems to be the victim of poor timing.

None of it has to do with his play on the football field, or at least not directly.

Robinson suffered a bad knee injury when he was in a contract year in Jacksonville. Robinson won the Ed Block Courage Award this year with the Bears, but couldn't receive it at a ceremony because of the pandemic.

Now, he's a candidate for a contract extension. Many players received them already before the totality of the COVID-19 effect set in on the sports world, but Robinson didn't. He's still due $15 million against the cap next year for the Bears, and after that it's anyone's guess what happens. 

Things could look different now for the salary cap with NFL teams after COVID-19. The end result of this could be an NFL with less money available under the cap and Robinson getting a smaller amount of cash.

During a conference call video with Chicago media, Robinson said Wednesday he's not concerned with this type of talk.

"You know I don't think necessarily that it will affect it," Robinson said. "I'm not 100% sure and I mean when I say affect it I mean as far as guys salaries and stuff around the league. I don't, I've been listening to my sister, who actually works in baseball and seeing what baseball is going through with their contracts in this part of the season and I don't think that for us as a whole in the NFL will go through anything like that, just kind of where I think where I think our league is set to start."

So far there definitely is no contract extension done, despite wide rumors and reports of it being a formality at times this offseason.

"If something gets done, something gets done," Robinson said. "But at the end of the day that's left up to the Bears and my agent. But for me personally, to be quite honest, I don't really concern myself with that too much.

"I'm just looking forward to this 2020 season. I'm definitely excited for it. I'm definitely ready to get going. Whatever happens, happens."

As far as his timing on the football field with regards to his quarterback, Robinson is managing to stay on top of this despite the pandemic. The thrower of those passes has been Mitchell Trubisky.

"I've been able to get on the field with Mitch quite a bit," Robinson said. "We get on the field about four times a week. Just being able to get on the field with him and also being able to do different things on my own conditioning-wise and (inaudible) wise, being able to still maintain a very good regimen of what I’m doing.

"I feel in great shape. I feel I've been extremely productive throughout this quarantine and throughout this offseason. I know for a fact that my best days of football are ahead of me. I'm still trying to stack these work days in the bank so I can bring that to the table once the season comes."

Catching passes from Trubisky in the offseason doesn't exactly mean Robinson expects or wants to do this rather than catch passes from Nick Foles during the regular season.

"To be quite honest, I think that I feel confident regardless," Robinson said. "I think it’s on the staff on what they want to see. Because it doesn't really come down to me, as Allen Robinson.

"You know, it's a person who has to lead a whole group of men. That has to lead the offense, has to lead the team. I'm just a piece to the puzzle. For me, it's going to be a fun training camp. I'm really looking forward to training camp."

No doubt he'll like it more with a contract extension in hand.

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