Anthony Miller Wants Bears to Call the Plays They Practice

Bears receiver Anthony Miller thinks the team isn't running the plays in games that the team practices during the week

Anthony Miller is becoming quite the critic.

The Bears receiver is taking the offensive struggles personally, but he's also not afraid to be candid about what's going on within the attack. Miller on Friday said something to indicate displeasure with game plans.

Earlier in the season, he had some other fascinating comments that went largely undetected, as well.

On Friday the third-year wide receiver was asked in a Zoom conference call what needs to happen for the offense to get clicking.

"I think the plays that we practice and that we execute in practice all week, they need to be called when we get to the game on Sunday," Miller said. "We know we can execute them, we just, everybody just needs the chance to ball out. That's my take."

So it's pretty clear he's not happy with something going on between the practice field, the meetings and then what gets called in games.

It only makes sense to run the plays being practiced. If not, why practice them?

If this was the first time Miller inidicated some displeasure it might be easy to brush off. However, prior to the Bears' 41-25 loss to Green Bay he had the following to say about why the offense continues to struggle:

"I feel like there's been a lot of underlying issues within our offense that hasn't allowed everybody to blossom as they would want to. But we're just going to keep working as a unit and hopefully see some improvements this Sunday."

Underlying issues could describe any number of situation, possibly play design or some players not knowing their roles.  

Miller was targeted just three times for 28 yards last week and twice for 28 yards the previous game. He had back-to-back games against the Titans and Saints when he seemed to be pulling out of a slump.

He still could have a better season than last year with a strong finish because his 37 receptions is 15 shy of last year. But he just hasn't had the impact plays since early in the year. He still has two touchdown catches and is averaging a career-low 10.2 yards a catch with a contract year coming up next year.

"I just show up to work every day with the same mindset," Miller said. "Trying to be great, you know what I'm saying? No matter what the circumstances are. Just trying to control what I control, that's all I can do."

It's out of his hands.

It's the play callers that need to do something.

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