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Matt Eberflus has become the first Bears head coaching candidate known to warrant a second interview.

The report the team wants to speak to him again next week came from Tom Pelisero of NFL Network.

Eberflus is the Colts defensive coordinator who has had his group in the top 10 for takeaways in each of his four seasons with the team.

According to the Bears, he was interviewed on Monday when they spoke with GM candidate Ed Dodds, who also is with the Colts.

Hiring Eberflus or even interviewing him a second time seems to indicate the Bears might be altering their approach to hiring a candidate. At the very least, this is the first real proof of any candidate being one they really like.

There had been a report they liked both Andy Pederson and Brian Flores based on a comment made by Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports but this seemed more rumor as no sources or even unnamed sources were cited.

It might mean they are altering their approach to hiring a coach because of what board chairman George McCaskey initially said was a desired hiring procedure.

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"Ideally, the GM would be selected first but if we see a head coach candidate we think is the right one we're going to do what it takes to get him in-house," McCaskey said.

It could be they don't want to let Eberflus get away to another team, but the only other team to interview him so far is Jacksonville. He is also a finalist there.

What this says for the other candidates who have interviewed possibly more important here.

If they have decided after talking Monday to Eberflus that they want to speak to him a second time but have not told the others they interviewed the same, it may not say much for the chances of those candidates.

Besides Eberflus, they have interviewed former Colts/Lions coach Jim Caldwell, Flores, Pederson, Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett.

There are more coaching candidates yet to be interviewed from their reported list, including Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn and Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. They have Frazier's initial interview slated for Friday.

Hiring a defensive coordinator would lead to concerns about what their plans would be for offense and especially for developing quarterback Justin Fields.

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