Bears and Bengals In-Game Blog

The Chicago Bears face the Cincinnati Bengals in the home opener and BearDigest.com publisher Gene Chamberlain blogs live from Soldier Field with game updates and highlights.

Fourth Quarter

  • Third-and-13 for Bears and they down it again. Marquise Goodwin does a backflip. Bears don't have to snap it again. Now we'll learn the extent of Dalton's injury. Final Bears 20, Bengals 17
  • Victory formation. Fields downs it. Downs it again. Clock under one minute.
  • Montgomery powers off the right side behind James Daniels and Germain Ifedi, picks up the first down on 4-yard run and Bengals use their last timeout with 1:54 remaining.
  • Montgomery dries into the middle for 6. TWO-MINUTE WARNING!
  • Fields about to be sacked, scrambles to his left, shakes off two tackles for the first down.
  • No gain on pass to Kmet.
  • Bears at 25 with 3:39 remaining. Bengals with a timeout and have one left.
  • Fields was blitzed on the third-down play but the Bears picked up the blitz well enough for him to get a pass off without someone in his face, but he didn't see Wilson lurking and threw it right to him much the way Burrow threw to Smith.
  • First play, a 7-yard TD pass to Higgins at the goal line and suddenly it's 20-17 still with 3:39 remaining.
  • Logan Wilson picks off Fields and turns around this game. He returns it 17 yards to the 7. Bengals will be back within a score no matter what happens
  • Montgomery tackled for a 2-yard loss. Bengals try to conserve time and use their first timeout.
  • Montgomery straight up the middle for 4. Bears in 4-minute mode now as clock hits 4:00
  • Odd time for Darnell Mooney to be back returning a kick unless Herbert was injured or they were unhappy with his returns today
  • A 42-yard TD pass to Chase. He beat Vildor and Eddie Jackson whiffed on the tackle plus took Vildor out of the play and Chase walked in with 4:39. Bears 20, Bengals 10
  • Boyd for a first down on third down against Shelley. A 15-yard gain to Bears 42. The Bears have to get this nickel situation solved. Shelley has been shaky today, though not as bad as Marqui Christian last week. 
  • Incomplete bomb with Chase open, just overthrown OB. Then Mixon for 3. 
  • Higgins gets up and walks off slowly.
  • Screen to Higgins and he's down after being flattened by Hicks.at the 41.
  • Cincy starts at 25 with 6:40 left and Burrow throws completion to Boyd as he's in the arms of Hicks being sacked. It goes for 5 yards.
  • Santos a 22-yard field goal, his 29th straight. Bears 20, Bengals 3
  • On third-and-goal from the 4 Fields throws incomplete to Mooney.
  • Montgomery pounds down to the 4.
  • Fields takes it on zone read around left side but Bengals smell it out. He gets 1.
  • Angelo Blackson with an interception. It's raining turnovers at Soldier Field. Ball was deflected by Ogletree. 
  • Goes into the end zone. Bengals at their own 20 with 8:14 remaining
  • Fields checks it down to Montgomery for 5 and the Bears will have to punt, wasting the interception.
  • Cole Kmet with a catch for the first down but is called for offensive interference. Penalty pushes Bears out of field goal range.
  • Bomb to Robinson and it's there but a hand by Awuzie at the last second knocks it out.
  • Montgomery left tackle for 1.
  • Jaylon Johnson said he wanted to shut the critics up. That probably did it. A pick for a TD by Roquan Smith and a pick by Johnson. After the fumble recovery and return by Eddie Jackson, it does look a lot like the 2018 defense. At least on this Sunday.
  • Next play, Burrow goes outside and Jaylon Johnson with his first career interception on pass to Higgins at Bengals 36.
  • Smart of Bengals to go right back to Mixon because Bears defense is smelling blood in the water. Gains 6.
  • Smith was just sitting out in a zone and it appeared Burrow thought he could get it over him. But Smith is an excellent leaper.
  • Smith came close to the sideline but Uzomah attempt at shoestring tackle failed.  Still 10:55 left in game.
  • It would appear the Monsters of the Midway defense has returned.
  • Roquan Smith picks off Burrow and returns it 53 yards for a TD. Bears 17, Bengals 3
  • A 5-yard Mixon run to the 50 off left side but Ogletree stuffs him for 2 yards on second down. It's third-and-3.
  • Burrow to Boyd in middle of inside zone, he turns and runs 22 yards to 45.
  • Mixon for 3 off right tackle, then up the middle for 3.
  • Excellent kick by Santos forced a return from the goal line and coverage team handled it well. Bengals at own 17
  • Cincinnati has been held to 127 net yards through three quarters.
  • Bears at the 10 third-and-goal. Incomplete to Robinson in corner of end zone, nicely defended. Cairo Santos kicks a 28-yard field goal with 14:52 left to play. Bears 10, Bengals 3

Third Quarter

  • Official word on Dalton is now that he is doubtful for a return.
  • Andy Dalton in uniform still but just not playing. Going over the next play with Fields and Nagy.
  • Quarter Ends. Bears 7, Bengals 3
  • Third-and-goal. Another false start on Fields.
  • Fields has no one open and scrambles to the 6 out of bounds.
  • Montgomery wiped out for 3-yard loss, and broke a tackle or it would have been a 5-yard loss
  • Fields patiently waits for Mooney on crossing pattern out of bounds for 21 yards to the 8
  • It's third-and-13 at Bengals 42. Fields hits Robinson down left sideline and he sheds a tackle try by Chidobe Awuzie to pick up first down. A 13-yard gain
  • On third-and-a-long-7, Bears called for another false start. This one on Fields.
  • Montgomery over left guard for 2, then left tackle for 1
  • Eddie Jackson strips Higgins after a completion over the middle and Tashaun Gipson recovers and returns to the Bengals 39. Bears on edge of scoring position.
  • Bears apparently decided to use the ground to help out Fields because of his inexperience, but penalty helped kill the drive. They appeared to have that pass to Mooney, just an inch too far.
  • A 57-yard punt but it was low and Bengals got a nice 15-yard return up the sideline to the 35. 
  • Fields 7-yard scramble. It's third-and-8 at 49. Then Fields sacked by Hendrickson, fumbles but it's recovered by Fields.
  • Delay of game. Fields was pointing something out about the defense and the play clock was ticking down. He tried to get the snap early and the play clock expired.
  • Fields play-action deep out to Mooney incomplete, just off his fingertips.
  • Montgomery powers ahead and breaks a tackle for 11.
  • Montgomery gains 6 off left tackle. Then Fields keeps on zone read the next play for the 5-yard gain and first down.
  • Fields still at quarterback after Dalton was throwing earlier
  • McPherson 53-yard field goal good. 12 plays and 42 yards on drive. Bears 7, Bengals 3 
  • Burrow dumps it down and Bears give up underneath yardage to get McPherson a shot at a field goal after a 14-yard gain. It's 53-yarder
  • Roquan Smith shot out of a cannon, comes free on blitz and sacks Burrow for 8-yard loss to 49.
  • Mixon runs past Jeremiah Attaochu around right side for 10. Bengals have the running game starting to work. Play-action but incomplete due to heavy pressure. 
  • Mixon gains 5 up the middle
  • Quinn is held, but no call, then Burrow skips away to go out of bounds and Quinn hits him there for a roughing penalty.
  • Khalil Mack with the sack of Burrow. Loses 6. 
  • Short throw nets first down and then Burrow throws long incomplete to Higgins, who had a half-step on Johnson.
  • Going no-huddle, Mixon gains 5 on first play and 2 on second down
  • Bengals start second half at their 24.
  • Andy Dalton warming up, apparently will return.

Second Quarter

  • Mack forces Burrow to the left and right to Bilal Nichols for a sack. Lost 6. Half ends. Bears 7, Bengals 0
  • Bengals after fair catch at 8, Mixon off right guard for 9. Bengals call timeout. Second-and-1 at their 17 with 28 seconds left.
  • Fields holds ball too long and stays in pocket nicely but threw it away as Trey Hendrickson hit him. Incomplete.
  • Fields' pass to Byrd on sideline stands after replay. Third-and-9
  • After 10-yard pass by Fields, it's third-and-9 at the Bengals 48. Bears take timeout.
  • Fields runs for 6 then converts third down pass to Damiere Byrd but is sacked for 9-yard loss.
  • It's Justin Fields' show
  • Fields is in. Dalton has gone down to the locker room. Has a knee injury and questionable to return
  • Poor pass coverage and they get lucky as Johnson has his back turned and ball goes off his back as he covers Mixon. Could have easily been a pick. Bengals punting.
  • Mixon with 4 off right tackle. Third-and-3 at Bengals 27. 2-Minute Warning!
  • Slant to Higgins for 8, second-and-7 coming.
  • False start on Bengals' Williams.
  • Throws to outside for first down to Higgins on 14-yard completion to 20
  • Mack returns
  • Burrow to Boyd for 2 and then Mixon is swarmed by Ogletree and Quinn on run left for 3-yard loss.
  • Dalton with more yards rushing than Bengals. (25)
  • Bears watching Mack's snaps closely, have him off the field again as Jeremiah Attaochu is on for a second series in the game at left OLB
  • Another chance to expand on the lead down the drain. 
  • Short pass to Mooney nets 5 and Bears punt.  Fair catch at the 7.
  • D.J. Reader beats Sam Mustipher and sacks Dalton. Third-and-19.
  • Peters has returned to the game. Williams is smashed to the ground for a 1-yard loss on first down.
  • Bears have been looking deep on a lot of passes but haven't had the receiver get open. It happens again. Play-action Dalton sees no one and dumps to Montgomery, who gains 10.
  • The winner in the donut race is the sprinkled donut.
  • Out of shotgun, Vildor defending and pass goes incomplete to Higgins, who gets up screaming at the official. Vildor may have made premature contact . going for the ball but it was very close and this is Chicago. Home field edge. Bears seize back the mo
  • Eddie Jackson run-blitzing off the edge smashes Mixon down for a 1-yard loss. Fourth-and-2 at the 44.
  • Mixon  off right tackle and it goes this time for 8. Third-and-1 at the Bears 43.
  • Shelley tackles Uzomah for 1-yard completion
  • Eddie Jackson saved a touchdown on a third-down completion to Chase because he shook off Shelley's tackle attempt.
  • CJ Uzomah with a great play just to gain 3 yards on a pass in the flat, shook off a tackle.
  • Mixon on stretch play right and gets just 1.
  • That was a big momentum killer. The Bears were dominating this and they couldn't pick up 5 yards on three tries on the ground. 
  • Jason Peters comes off the field just after the failed sneak. Bengals ball at their 32.
  • Fields runs QB sneak on fourth-and-1 and doesn't get it.  
  • Another scramble by Dalton for 14 this time and Fields returns. Montgomery takes handoff over right tackle for 5. Third-and-1 and Montgomery is stuffed on third down.
  • James Daniels called for holding Josh Topou on Montgomery run
  • Andy Dalton back and looks like Fields scrambling, ran for 11.
  • Nagy had made it sound like Fields wouldn't get successive plays, but he did.

First Quarter

  • Incomplete, but Fields gets to stay on the field for second down. Damien Williams for 6 and Bengals' Larry Ogunjobi got caught for illegal hands to the face. At Bears 48. Quarter ends. Bears 7, Bengals 0
  • Play-action Dalton back across to MonFields tgomery for a big game but it's coming back for offsetting penalties. Sam Hubbard roughed Dalton and the Bears penalty was holding on Marquise Goodwin. Fields is in.
  • Montgomery gets 7 bulling up the middle, then the first down on an 8-yard run cutting off left side behind Jason Peters.
  • Wide receiver screen never works and it doesn't this time either. Mooney gets 2 yards. They have one receiver big enough to block it. 
  • At the 5, the Bengals pull a slot blitz and Dalton throws it away but Vonn Bell isn't happy with just forcing incompletion. He taunts and gets  15-yard penalty.
  • Out of naked backfield, and Germain Ifedi jumps, his fourth false start only as a Bear. He had 29 of them in Seattle.
  • Matt Forte on the big board talking to Lauren, down on the field. Crowd goes wild. 
  • Something bothering Matt Nagy, they called timeout just before the snap.
  • Montgomery never did go down on a run up the middle but officials spot it at the 10.
  • Bears at 7 with 3:22 left in first.
  • That's the way a pass rush is supposed to look. They finish drives on third down with sacks and knock teams out of scoring position. That was as good a pass rush as Robert Quinn has had since coming to Chicago.
  • Nsimba Webster fair catch at 7.
  • After incomplete pass to Higgins, Bengals on third-and-10 at the 35 and Robert Quinn threw off Jonah Williams then made the sack. Out of field goal range at the 43. Bengals punt 
  • Jeremiah Attaochu nearly had the sack from behind on Burrow, who threw incomplete.
  • Bears secondary loses coverage on Boyd and he makes 10-yard catch. Got away from Gipson.
  • Mixon for 3, the taunting was pretty lame but that's how they have been told to call them this year.
  • At Bengals 40, Tyler Boyd with a 12-yard catch to Bears 48.
  • Kindle Vildor defending against Ja'Marr Chase slanting and he drops pass but the Bears have been penalized for unsportsmanlike penalty on Tashaun Gipson. Taunting.
  • Mixon runs twice for 3 and 2. Duke Shelley is playing the nickel on third-and-5
  • Mixon picks up first down on plunge over center after a 9-yard catch by Tee Higgins
  • Split Joe Mixon out left and threw to him for 2 yards. Good open-field tackle Jaylon Johnson
  • Brandon Wilson botches fielding the kick and Bengals are pinned back at the 9
  • Dalton looked like he got more and more comfortable as that drive went along. Haven't seen a lot of Robinson with red zone TDs in past, so maybe this will change now. 
  • Allen Robinson an 11-yard TD catch on a slant. Santos PAT with 9:58 left. 9 plays 75 yards. Bears 7, Bengals 0
  • Third-and-5 at 11 after Montgomery goes for 3 over center.
  • Dalton has no one  open, dumps it to Montgomery for 3 over the middle. Coverage tight inside, as well.
  • Marquise Goodwin was interferred with by Eli Apple on an incompletion at the Bengals 16.
  • Dalton hits Williams for 3. Third-and-12. 
  • From 46, short pass to Damien Williams is snuffed out for 5-yard loss, like taking a penalty and loss of down.
  • Third-down conversion to Mooney over the middle for 10 yards. Two defenders in zone but he was open. Then Mooney  beats single coverage crossing for 17 yards. 
  • David Montgomery goes for 2 off left guard.
  • Bears start at 25 after touchback. Play-action and Dalton has no one open and has to throw it away.
  •  Bear-Raid Siren is back.
  • Bengals won toss and Bears will receive. Bengals defer.


  • The inactive list has one surprise. It's not that they have Duke Shelley active. It wouldn't be a surprise if he starts at slot corner after last week's debacle. The surprise is that second-year edge rusher Trevis Gipson is inactive. They have painted a trending-upward picture of his progress but if he's not active that means they must have more confidence inside linebacker Christian Jones can swing over to edge rusher in case of injuries as the fourth edge after Khalil Mack, Robert Quinn and Jeremiah Attaochu. Kind of dangerous when Mack had a groin injury prior to the Rams game and Quinn has had a back injury since training camp began.
  • Andy Dalton visiting with a few old friends prior to the game but there are far less than he had on the team last year when he went to Cincy.



QB Nick Foles

WR Breshad Perriman

TE Jesper Horsted

NT Eddie Goldman

LB Trevis Gipson

T Alex Taylor


CB Trae Waynes

CB Nick McCloud

G D'Ante Smith

T Fred Johnson

DT Tyler Shelvin

WR Trenton Irwin

Bears GM Ryan Pace on BBM, during pregame show, what he has seen from Justin Fields at practices/game.

  • "He continues to grow. These experiences are very important for him in that continued growth and we see it every day."
  • Former Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael has received the ALS Courage Award on Saturday at the 20th anniversary of the Les Turner ALS Foundation's Walk for Life. McMichael's comment on the award was “one of these days, we’ll cure this.” Former Bears such as Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael and Keith Van Horne were on hand at the presentation.
  • According to an Ian Rapoport report, the Bears will have Jason Peters available to start at left tackle. There seemed little doubt of this after he went through three straight practices on a limited basis during the week and was labeled questionable on Friday. Coach Matt Nagy had been positive Peters would be able to play but that's not the real issue. With his quad injury, and being 39 years old, the issue is whether he can finish the game. Elijah Wilkinson is next up if Peters can't play.

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