Louis Riddick: Matt Nagy Would Love a Deal for Deshaun Watson

Reality check for Bears fans is their team simply lacks the kind of compensation necessary to pull off a trade for Deshaun Watson

Once you get the national media rolling, it's tough to slow down the momentum.

So every time someone says or does something relating to Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson, Bears fans immediately flood social media with squeals of delight like they now have a chance to acquire Watson.

The latest incident occurred on Mike Greenberg's ESPN show when analyst Louis Riddick spoke his mind about Watson's dismay over his situation in Houston after the Texans refused to listen to him about their GM hire. 

"I can tell you this, Matt Nagy loves Deshaun Watson," Riddick said. "I know he loves Watson. You think right now he isn't trying to figure out a way to get in the mix for that discussion. I guarantee you he is. I guarantee. Guarantee."

 He'd better try harder, and work a miracle.

Sure, Riddick probably has a nice pipeline to Nagy's thinking on this topic because the two are close from their days together in Philadelphia. Nagy just came to the Eagles in 2008 as a low-level coach and Riddick was a scout. 

The former NFL safety also served as assistant director of pro personnel in 2009 and then was director of pro personnel from 2010-13. Nagy and Andy Reid's entire staff were dispatched after the 2012 season. 

Since Word 1 of Watson wanting a trade, it's only made sense they should be one of the top two or three teams interested.

A team in the other conference, one without a real starting quarterback and desperate for one of significance for decades is an obvious potential landing spot.

The problem for the Bears: Louis Riddick's words don't provide the Bears with more trade options.

Teams with two first-round picks this year would easily be listened to by Houston before they could consider hearing a Bears offer. Teams with better picks than the Bears' 20th pick would be heard before them, as well.

Greenberg hyped the possibility of a trade on his show.

"This will be the biggest trade in NFL history. When you consider who Watson is, what he is, and where he is in his career—there has never been a trade as meaningful as this," he said.

He's right. The biggest trade in history so far has been Mike Ditka's decision to surrender his entire 1998 draft for Ricky Williams, a running back and not even a quarterback.

This trade would be much bigger than the Chargers giving up the third pick of the first round, another first-round pick, a second-rounder and two players to move up one spot and take Ryan Leaf second.

This trade would not be fore an unproven draft pick but involves one of the league's top quarterbacks who really isn't even in his prime yet.  

This kind of a move would require something ridiculous. This isn't like trading for a pass rusher like Khalil Mack, and giving up first-round picks in successive years and a third-rounder.

It's going to take much more to pry away one of the league's best and the Bears simply do not have what Houston would want. The New York Jets would be a far more likely landing place, even if they are in the AFC with the Texans.

Eddie Jackson, Khalil Mack and first-round draft picks for the next three years? Is that enough?

What's the price it would take to get Watson? Remember, when dealing away players their prorated signing bonus come due immediately against your salary cap, so if they dealt Mack or Jackson they would pretty much shoot their own cap space down the drain.

The Bears would also need to get used to living with second-round picks for several years, much as they've done the last two years. A team can only refortify its roster with second-round picks for so long. Eventually they need some blue bloods.

Considering the potential for better trades elsewhere, the Bears wouldn't even rank among the top teams able to make a deal.

It's reflected in the odds showing up against the Bears getting Watson. When talk of Watson's discontent surfaced, the Bears ranked in the top three and first on some oddsmakers' charts.

Now everyone has had time to think about it. Betonline.ag's latest odds have seven teams with better odds now of acquiring Watson.

It's simply reality, and the Bears lack what's necessary to entice the Texans into this trade.

Deshaun Watson Next Team if Traded 

by the Houston Texans


Carolina Panthers 6/1

Miami Dolphins 13/2

Atlanta Falcons 7/1

New York Jets 15/2

Denver Broncos 8/1

Las Vegas Raiders 8/1

New Orleans Saints 8/1

Chicago Bears 9/1

New England Patriots 9/1

Los Angeles Rams 10/1

San Francisco 49ers 10/1

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