Personnel Change Could Be Facing Bears Offense

Allen Robinson, Cody Whitehair, Khalil Mack all miss Wednesday's practice due to injuries
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The Bears offense could have some changes this week largely due to injuries, although one change would simply be an addition.

Wide receiver Allen Robinson is in the concussion program after being hit in the back of the head on a helmet-to-helmet blow during the 24-10 loss Monday night to the Los Angeles Rams. He and center Cody Whitehair missed practice Wednesday for Sunday's game wiith the New Orleans Saints. 

Whitehair has a calf injury and left Monday's game. His status is day to day according to coach Matt Nagy.

They weren't the only veterans missing practice. Khalil Mack sat out with an ankle injury suffered in Monday's game. He returned to finish the game after the injury. Running back Cordarrelle Patterson sat out with a quad injury.

Second-year center Sam Mustipher finished for Whitehair in the Rams game.

"I thought he did a good job," Nagy said. "The one thing with Sam that we all know from Day 1 since he was here is he's extremely bright. He really sees the field well in regards to fronts and linebackers.

"There's gonna be times where you get beat or you miss something. The best of the best do that. But, overall, I thought he did a good job. It's not easy coming into these situations, not to mention at times going against Aaron Donald."

The Bears have averaged 43 yards a run for the last four games with a high of 63 yards then, so it's obvious where their biggest problem on offense rests.

One possible change to the running game this week could be getting playing time from former Texans running back Lamar Miller.

"I think that Lamar is looking better and better each day, really each week," Nagy said. "We keep talking to him and when we're back there, he's on the look team and giving our defense different looks with Artavis Pierce. They're both doing a really good job.

"It's going to be a communication and trust process."

The running game needs to be activated to the level it was at during the first three games, and Foles said it needs to be a complete effort from the line, to the backs to even what he does starting the play.

"I think ultimately when it's recognizing if I have multiple plays on, making sure we're in the best run, you know, doing my job after the play whether it's booting away or setting up for pass and ultimately executing the pass game and the play-action game and the boot game. When we can execute in that it opens up the run game. That's why being multifaceted on offense is so important, being able to execute all the little things, opens up the run, which opens up the pass."

Safety Eddie Jackson (knee), tight end Cole Kmet (back) and defensive back Sherrick McManis (hamstring) all practiced on a limited basis.

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