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Matt Nagy Ready to Stretch QB Battle Out Until Opener

After Saturday Soldier Field scrimmage, Bears coach Matt Nagy not only refuses to reveal a leader or when he'll make the QB decision, but says he might decide on a starter right before the opener

The quarterback battle of the Chicago Bears will rage on for at least one more week before the NFL schedule necessitates and end.

Bears coach Matt Nagy on Saturday after a controlled, thud-only scrimmage at Soldier Field couldn't call the quarterback battle between Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles yet and fully expects it to go the distance to right up before the game.

"With naming a quarterback, that's something internally that we're going to stick to," Nagy said. "But I would say for you (media) guys to know just to save you the questions, that that won't be happening before that game."

Nor would he point to one of them as a leader.

"We know that there certainly can be improvement with both of them there," Nagy said. "But they're making good decisions. There's times they're making good throws. There's times they're making throws they wish they had back.

"But I'm going to put it this way: intentionally, I'm not going to give a direction right now."

If no one is revealing a leader to the media or fans, they're also not doing it with the quarterbacks. It's a strange situation considering prior to the the competition Nagy had said he'd be brutally honest with both.

"I honestly haven't asked for any feedback," Foles said. "It just doesn 't matter to me. I just want to go out there and help this team, play out there, go execute these plays and help this offense and help this team in whatever role that may be. My focus is that."

Foles does think he has a good idea what he'll need to do to win it.

"I know they're looking at all our decision making because it's a team sport, but as for right now I've just got to be myself," he said. "I know everyone wants an answer to what it takes, but it just takes being myself and going out there and playing and letting them decide who's the best to lead the team, and no matter what happens we're all a part of the Chicago Bears."

Trubisky worked the first team all Saturday with Foles relegated to the second team. Both took all the snaps in the scrimmage as Tyler Bray was left out of the work. Trubisky started each half of the scrimmage with a pass being tipped. Kyle Fuller picked off a pair of passes and Khalil Mack had a simulated sack. Robert Quinn had his first extensive practice time and produced two simulated sacks. 

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Both quarterbacks overthrew rookie wide receiver Darnell Mooney as he was breaking free behind the defense on deep passes.

Trubisky thinks he has displayed what he needs to show to be in position to win, including cleaning up some of his problem areas from past seasons.

"I think overall just showing that I've improved throwing the ball downfield in situations with the team and 1-on-1s and routes just showing that I could make better decisions with the football for the offense and throwing the ball downfield and being more accurate, especially out and to the left and outside the numbers.

"I think I've shown that I can make those throws and I've done better with my footwork and just being able to lead and run this offense. I feel like I've had a good camp and I'm just trying to get better every day."

Improving his downfield passing has been something Trubisky is very aware of, and he has several other areas to work at while trying to win the job.

"I would like to show the coaches that I can create more explosive plays of offense throwing the ball downfield and just make great decisions overall and run the offense," Trubisky said. "But really get on the same page with coach and just figure out where we're at and see what in his eyes I can continue to improve to either separate myself or get a good chance to help lead this team.

"I'm going to have to talk with him to see what I can focus on throughout the week, but for me it would be just showing I can make the explosive pass plays downfield and make great decisions within this offense."

For Trubisky, coming off a year when his passer rating dropped more than 12 points and having his option year declined has made for renewed determination. He's rallying to save his job after learning some lessons.

"I think it was just me learning that everybody goes through a process," Trubisky said. "And you never know when you're going to have a good year or a bad year. But you just try to work your tail off and continue to be the person you are.

"So there was a lot of adversity that we faced last year and myself personally. But I just tried to stick with it and get better every day and continue to stay positive."

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