Receivers Own High First Impressions of Nick Foles

Gene Chamberlain

Nick Foles' professional approach appears to have left a mark on his top two new receivers.

Neither Allen Robinson nor Anthony Miller had caught passes from Foles until Chicago Bears training camp started but after seeing him at work in practice the two understand why the Bears were interested in trading for the Super Bowl LII MVP.

"You can definitely tell that Nick has been playing this game for a long time," Miller said. "He knows this offense very well. He's very detailed in practice."

It's not just on passes Foles throws where Miller has noticed Foles' attention to detail.

"You can catch him in the back of the offensive pay going through the offensive progressions and he's not even in (playing)," Miller said. "That's just the type of player he is. I can't wait to see him in live action to see what he can really do."

​Robinson said to receivers the quarterback choice shouldn't matter in terms of doing their own job, but sees the advantages of having Foles on the roster.

"You're bringing high-character guys into the locker room," Robinson said of Foles. "That's always good for the team.

"So for us, it's just about going out there and executing no matter who's under center and just trying to make plays. So that's the mindset we have."

Foles and Mitchell Trubisky are about to begin throwing against defensive coverage, and Miller said Trubisky can provide similar leadership.

"I just want a guy that takes control, makes the right decisions when it's time for him to make them, and just, he's a leader out there. That's what we need at that position," Miller said. "Both guys, I can tell you, are working very hard out there.

"Even in walk-throughs, they're doing all sorts of game reps. There's really getting it in out there. It's going to be an interesting competition to see the best man who's going to get the job."

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Gene Chamberlain
Gene Chamberlain


You could be right. I thought the same thing when they were saying this but then again they would tell you I was reading the wrong thing into what they were saying. But I think that's right


Apparently all it took is a couple of throws to find out who is it. You can read between the lines to know it will not even be close. Foles will start.