Deshaun Watson, Aaron Jones, George Kittle, Jason Peters, Aaron Donald, Bobby Massie. ...

Sure, it sounds like a Sesame Street song, but one of those doesn't seem to be like the others, except to Pro Football Focus.

The website has labeled Massie a member of the PFF All-Clutch Team for 2019.

While it's definitely good for the team and Massie, it's a bit of a head scratcher. What is clutch for a tackle? And Massie?

Massie has been a solid Bears performer but not a Pro Bowl type of player, definitely not in the class of the other players mentioned who all made the team.

The endorsement was hardly ringing.

"Massie missed several games last season with injury and put up a 63.2 grade in total, but he graded out better than any other qualifying right tackle in the fourth quarter and overtime of one-score games," the article by PFF's Ben Linsey said. "Even then, his performance in pass protection was serviceable rather than stellar. Actually, it was the several nice blocks that moved defenders on double teams in the run game that boosted his overall grade to the top of the top right tackle position."

A backhanded compliment might be the best way to describe it.

It almost sounds like they're saying Massie is a member of the All-Clutch Team by defeault, but the Bears can't complain.

There is irony in the Bears getting only one player on the All-Clutch Team and it being an offensive lineman. And it's a lineman who missed six of their 16 games last year due to injuries or illness.

PFF spent the offseason bashing the Bears' offensive line and graded a former Bears lineman their best overall blocker last year, Cornelius Lucas. They gave him a PFF blocking grade of 72.2.

Massie apparently picked the right spots to make his impression.

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