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Eddie Jackson Boos the Boo Birds

Keep your booing and chants of "fire Nagy" at home says Bears safety Eddie Jackson

Eddie Jackson didn't appreciate Bears fans who booed the team in 2019 a year after they had won the division.

Now, he's got a bone to pick with those booing the team and chanting "fire Nagy."

With the Bears returning home to face the team with the best record in the NFL, the 9-2 Arizona Cardinals, Jackson thinks it's time for fans to show support rather than being derisive.

"We hate it, honestly," Jackson said of the booing and chanting. "The fans gotta understand that doesn't help anything. Y'all want us to play better, do better, that's not helping when you all sitting up there and chanting that. But I get it. The frustration, long-time Bears fans have been going through this for a long, long time, so I understand it, but it's not helping the situation.

"I feel like it's just making it worse. We just continue to rally around each other and look upon ourselves to get this turned around and block out all the outside noise."

The real noise he'd like to see stopped besides thing son social media and booing is the chanting, especially at something like Nagy's son's Lake Forest High School playoff game with Cary-Grove.

"It shows resilience," Nagy said. "For me looking in, I just saw some of the outside stuff going on, all the booing and all the stuff that I see in social media, that his son's game, that type of his stuff, I feel like it's gotta be tough, but for him to come in and still lead us and not show any signs of weakness or letting that affect him, that says a lot about him and his character and for us, for him to be our leader, just to fall behind what he's doing.

"I feel like it's tough, but he's handled this situation very well."

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Jackson said the players can take it but it doesn't mean they like it.

In a way, it's rallying players around Nagy.

"I feel like we're playing for each other," Jackson said. "This is a team effort. Coach Nagy has had our backs since the first day he walked in here, so I feel we owe it to him, and I feel like a lot of players feel the same way, that we owe it to him, we owe it to Chicago to go out here and play our best ball.

"Like I said, it's tough. Even though nobody's going to show it, but I'm pretty sure, like, if we come to do your job and boo you every day or whatever the case may be, you're going to feel some type of way, just like the fans. If we come to y'all jobs and boo y'all, how y'all going to feel about it? So he's still human. We're still human. Nobody like sit. So we just continue to fight and like I said just block out the noise and continue to do what we do."

The booing was not a factor in last year's six-game losing streak because there were no fans at Soldier Field all year.

The chants of fire Nagy popped up at times last home game.

The real problem for the Bears organization will come when no one is booing because of apathy.

There were still 60,000 fans in the seats at the last home game. They still have three home games remaining and if no one is showing up, then there will be problems.

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