Khalil Mack Back Among the Injured

After remaining relatively healthy throughout training camp and preseason, outside linebacker Khalil Mack has come up with a groin injury as the opener approaches.
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The Bears went through training camp with possibly only a day or two lost to practice for outside linebacker Khalil Mack due to injuries or rest, besides sitting out the final preseason game.

When the team was on the practice field Wednesday in preparation for the Los Angeles Rams, their top pass rusher was participating only on a limited basis because of a groin injury previously not mentioned. They did have a practice on Monday so it's possible it happened then, but coach Matt Nagy does not talk with the media on Wednesday so this wasn't brought up until after practice when the injury report was released.

Just before practice, defensive coordinator Sean Desai must not have had any wood to knock on after he said, "You know what I mean, like he's been out there, he's been healthy and he's been great. And so we like where he's at now."

Nose tackle Eddie Goldman missed practice with a knee and ankle injury while three others practiced on a limited basis.

Outside linebacker Robert Quinn and wide receiver Darnell Mooney were reported to have back injuries while Joel Iyiegbuniwe has a shoulder injury. No other players were injured.

Upstairs for Desai

Defensive coordinator Sean Desai said he'll be working from the coaches' box at games this season after he tried out both the sidelines and the box in the preseason.

"I think they both have their strengths and weaknesses," Desai said. "I like the fact that I can control more of the things. I can see all 22. I can see what I need to see (upstairs).

"With the communication being, me being able to communicate with the signal-caller on the field, that makes it much easier than it was a few years back."

From 59 to 6

Inside linebacker Danny Trevathan has decided ot change his jersey number to 6 to take advantage of the NFL rule allowing this for defensive players this year. He had been No. 59 for the first five seasons he was in Chicago.

Red Rifle to Red Beard

Andy Dalton explained how it is he showed up at Halas Hall for training camp and had a full beard when he had none in the past.

"You know, that's a good question," Dalton said. "It happened a little bit in the offseason, and then I started to grow it out, and then my wife liked it.

"As most of the married guys know, once the wife says she likes something, you're probably going to stick with it."

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