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Mission Impossible for Nick Foles? Time Is of the Essence

Quarterback Nick Foles is beginning to recognize how difficult it actually can be to win the starting quarterback job considering the lack of time, no offseason work and how few practices he really gets heading into the opener with Detroit.

The task Nick Foles described Saturday sounded as if he's now realizing how nearly impossible it might be to accomplish.

Foles remains engaged in a battle with Mitchell Trubisky for the starting Bears quarterback position but admits the time element he faces, the interruptions, distractions and overall lack of preparation time are daunting.

"I mean, it's been a really unique situation with everything going on in the world, and this year, and not having OTAs, and getting here—everything's expedited," Foles said.  

Foles never threw a pass to a receiver running a pass pattern in the offense until Aug. 12 and never in a scrimmage type of atmosphere until Aug. 17.

In essence, he's had about two weeks worth of work and the regular season is fast approaching.

"Not only are you trying to play football and learn this new offense—which has similarities to what I've done before but there's still a ton of new—you’re also meeting a lot of new people and trying to build those relationships and learn their names while also learning the (Chicago) area," Foles said. "So all that pulls from your energy.  

"It's not the first time that I've done it, but it's most expedited I would say. Yeah, it's been different but I've been enjoying it and just sort of leaning in and embracing because that's the time and that's where we’re at. The tough part is you're trying to expedite building relationships, which isn't always easy. But like I said, that's the situation we’re in. I'm doing my best to lean in and embrace that."

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While Foles isn't sure what he needs to do exactly to win the job, he thinks it's at least as much mental.

"I know they're looking at all our decision making because it's a team sport, but as for right now I've just got to be myself," Foles said. "I know everyone wants an answer to what it takes, but it just takes being myself and going out there and playing and letting them decide who's the best to lead the team, and no matter what happens we're all a part of the Chicago Bears."

At least Foles does say he see progress toward the goal.

"I'd say each and every day I'm getting more and more comfortable, the more we rep plays, the more we talk through them and just the more I get comfortable with the guys out there," Foles said. "I'd say that's happening every single day."

They're very small steps.

On Saturday at the scrimmage held in Soldier Field, part of it involved simply getting used to the feel of a new stadium. The last time he was in it, he led the Philadelphia Eagles to a 16-15 playoff win over the Bears.

"I felt like today we got a lot of good work in in game-time situations, being in Soldier Field, wearing our jerseys, being in a different environment, busting downs, sort of getting a little feel of it all, seeing what the locker room is like," Foles said. "It's my first time in the home locker room, so I felt like today was really a good work day for us."