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No Flags for Holding Robert Quinn

Defensive end sees lack of holding calls against blockers facing the Bears as just par for the course.

Robert Quinn pointing out how offensive linemen get away with holding probably won't even cause a ripple.

It rarely does. It's dog bites man.

The 12-year veteran defensive end has one sack so far and is certain he's being held regularly, but knows how the game is played in the NFL.

"If you ask any pass rusher or D-lineman, we get held quite often, but somehow the refs don't like to see it or whatever," Quinn said. "But I did see a play (Sunday) where I thought the ref grabbed for his flag, then kind just turned away.

"So it is what it is. Just keep playing and if you get the call, you get it. If not, well, keep on playing."

There was one replay showing uncalled blatant holding two weeks ago by Green Bay's Elgton Jenkins against new Bears pass rusher Kingsley Jonathan on one of his six defensive reps in the second game. But there hasn't been anything of note regarding Quinn.

There have been two holding penalties walked off against opposing offensive linemen facing the Bears in three games. Neither of the players flagged was a tackle blocking an end. Both flags came on running plays.

Quinn said offensive players know who they are when they get away with it.

"I don't know if they said those exact words, but usually they'll look at you and just kinda smile—something very subtle," Quinn said. "It's football. From their perspective, I'm sure if it's not called, it's not a hold. Just a tough world we're in dealing with that."

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Quinn views offensive players as favored in the league, except possibly for a few defensive stars. He has 102 career sacks but believes he is not one of those favored.

"Maybe with the defensive side maybe there's a select few guys, but me, I don't think I'm getting those calls," he said.

Those who do get the benefit are well-known pass rushers, Quinn said.

"If I say name the top five defensive players, I'm sure five just popped into your head and I'm sure they're the ones getting the calls," he said. "Just, it is what it is."

There's always the option of complaining to the officials.

"Yeah, but that don't typically go well, either," Quinn said. "They usually come back with saying I'm doing something wrong and this and that.

"So you can talk to them all you want; hopefully they call the game the way they're supposed to, but if not, you just play through the circumstances and still try to be as successful as possible."

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