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Aaron Rodgers' Ownership Rights at Stake

Bears tight end Jimmy Graham says he's said far worse than what Aaron Rodgers did against the Bears earlier in the season at Soldier Field.

Packers trash-talker Aaron Rodgers gets another opportunity to exercise his ownership rights to the Bears, except this time on national TV Sunday night.

So if Rodgers decides to holler "I own you," to the Bears and their fans as he did at Soldier Field earlier this year, it will be an even bigger incident than last time.

After it happened, Bears players laughed it off somewhat but basically it's been true after Rodgers has won 22 of 27 games against them. 

Former Packer Jimmy Graham doesn't understand the uproar over Rodgers' trash-talking because he said that type of thing goes on all the time.

"I mean, I've been a part of my own (blank)-talking in my career," Graham said. "I just haven't had a camera around or a mic boom to hear it. I'm blessed for that. It's obviously a rivalry, there are a lot of emotions going on. It doesn't matter what the records are. This is one of the biggest in NFL history, there's a lot of emotions.

"There's always going to be that chatter, it's just rarely a mic boom around when it happens. So it's a special game for both sides and to be able to go up to Lambeau for Sunday Night Football."

Graham said the Bears wouldn't expect trash-talking between sides to be any different, and it doesn't usually matter who you're playing in the NFL because it happens.

"This isn’t golf," said Graham, who obviously isn't up on the Bryson DeChambeau-Brooks Koepka rivarly. "We're out there and each and every play your deal is to beat the man across from you, one-on-one. You know, it's a game of whupping the other man across from you, simple as that."

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Graham doesn't expect as much now even against the team he played for prior to coming to Chicago.

"You know, I've played against a lot of my friends, obviously going to play against a lot of my friends this weekend, but you know, when it becomes game time it’s a different beast out there," Graham said. "I think people forget that. We all hit each other and we all have car accidents every Sunday, so it's a part of the game and it's a part of the game that I love. 

"I've got to figure out a way to talk to people once I get out of (the NFL), because you can't be talking to people like that in real life. So I'm going to enjoy each and every snap I get here for the rest of my career."

The Bears haven't beaten Green Bay since they clinched the division title in December of 2018 at Soldier Field.

"We know what it's about," Graham said. "Unfortunately, we were on the other end of it last year going up to Lambeau. We just need to focus in, know the environment we are going into with a great team and be ready to fight each and every play."

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