Packers make masks mandatory, will Bengals and other NFL teams follow?

James Rapien

CINCINNATI — The Packers issued a memo telling fans that they will be required to wear masks if they're able to attend games at Lambeau Field in 2020. 

Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy sent a message to season ticket holders about changes the organization is making in hopes of having fans in attendance this season.

“At this time, the team is preparing to have fans in attendance with new policies and safety measures to allow for appropriate social distancing, which will require the stadium’s seating capacity to be significantly reduced,” the statement said. “Face coverings also will be required, and other necessary precautions will be in place. As a result, the special experience to which fans are accustomed at Lambeau Field will look and feel very different.”

The Packers are setting the tone for what football could look like in 2020. The rest of the league could require fans to wear a mask.

The Bengals addressed season ticket holders earlier this week, but they didn't mention a mask requirement — yet. 

If fans choose to opt out of their tickets, they will still have the ability to retain them in 2021. 

A mask requirement issued by all 32 teams seems inevitable if fans are going to be allowed inside stadiums this season.

The NFL has stayed on schedule throughout the offseason. Training camp is expected to start on time, but the preseason is going to be cut in half and could be eliminated completely. 

Players, coaches and team staff will have to make significant adjustments due to COVID-19. 

A mandatory mask requirement and social distancing measures are two of the many steps the league will likely mandate if fans are going to attend games this season.