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Here's a breakdown of how training camp will work for the Bengals and the rest of the NFL

Here's how training camp will work for the Bengals and the rest of the NFL

CINCINNATI — The NFL and the Players Association came to an agreement on Friday that allows all 32 teams to start training camp on time. 

The Bengals and the veterans on 29 other teams will report to Paul Brown Stadium on Tuesday, July 28 to be tested for COVID-19. The Chiefs and Texans are reporting three days earlier (July 25) because they kick the NFL season off on Thursday, September 10. 

The rest of the league will play their first game on Sept. 13-14. 

The NFLPA sent players an email on Saturday with plenty of details about training camp according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. 

Each player has to test negative for COVID-19 twice before entering team facilities. The league will wait 72 hours between tests. Results for each player are expected to be back by July 31.

Assuming the player tests negative twice, he will be able to take his physical in team facilities and get fitted for equipment. That is scheduled to happen on Aug. 1-2. 

This is important for free agent additions like Trae Waynes, who haven't been able to finalize their contracts because they haven't taken their physical.

After all of the administrative and medical work is complete, NFL teams will begin a nine day acclimation period from Aug 3-11. 

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Each player can spend up to 60 minutes in the weight room and 60 minutes doing conditioning drills on the practice field. These workouts have to be groups of less than 15 players. 

Joe Burrow and the rest of the quarterbacks will be permitted to use footballs during the 60 minute on-field period. 

NFL teams will be given a five day "gradual ramp up period" from Aug. 12-16. Players can spend up to 3.5 hours on the practice field, which includes the 75 minute walk through. The first practice will be a maximum of 90 minutes with up to a 15 minute increase per day. 

Practices can last up to 120 minutes. Players will be allowed to wear helmets on Aug. 12-13.

Padded practices can begin on Aug. 17 and will last until Sept. 6, which is exactly one week before the Bengals are scheduled to begin their season against the Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium. 

Padded practices will last 90 minutes and can increase by 15 minute increments each day. Teams will be allowed to conduct a maximum of 14 padded practices during this 20 day period.

Players will receive one day off per week during the month of August and first week of September. Bengals players must receive a total of six days off. 

For more details about training camp, check out the full email that the NFLPA sent to players below: