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'I'm Human': Buffalo Bills Coach Ken Dorsey Addresses Violent Meltdown in Loss at Dolphins

"We've got to keep our poise and he's well aware of that and knows that,'' McDermott said of Bills coordinator Ken Dorsey.
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In our highly unofficial survey of Bills Mafia, nobody is really asking for an apology from Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey for his violent meltdown executed toward the end of his team’s 21-19 loss at Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

But Dorsey would still like to explain. And to sort-of apologize.

"It was a playoff atmosphere,'' Dorsey said in review of his action, caught by the CBS cameras during the telecast. "Obviously we weren't on the winning end of it, so it's frustrating ... (I) reacted that way and obviously that's something that I'm definitely gonna learn from ... and make sure let's correct moving forward."

Dorsey was shown violently slamming down equipment and angrily shoving notes off the table notes in the coaches box - maybe mirroring the reaction many Bills fans had to watching Buffalo drop to 2-1 while Miami jumped to the front of the AFC East at 3-0.

In other words, you probably "get'' Dorsey when the first-year coordinator said,  "Look, we're all human, I'm human, as we saw. I'm human, I'll make mistakes, just like (the players). 

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"The key is hey, how do we learn from those mistakes? How do we move on and make sure that we continue to progress and grow as a team."

Certainly the players don't mind Dorsey's passion; they've joked about it before, causing him to have to explain that he's "not a psychopath.''

Bills head coach Sean McDermott, however, wants to make sure the passion is funneled properly.

"We've got to keep our poise and he's well aware of that and knows that,'' McDermott said, adding, "I love the fact that he cares that much about doing his job and putting his players in a position to be successful ... But ... that said, it's important that we as leaders keep our poise and that we model that to our players."

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