Report: Broncos 'Buzzing' in NFL Circles on Aaron Rodgers Trade Rumors

If the Packers capitulate and trade Aaron Rodgers, are the Broncos really a contender to land him? ESPN weighs in again.

With more than a week passing since the news broke that Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay, the reigning MVP's name has dominated the national and local headlines. The Mile High City has been particularly affected by Rodgers mania as the Denver Broncos have been tied to nearly every report of any repute, as well as the rumors. 

ESPN has continued to stir the pot over the last week from Dianna Russini reporting that the Broncos are the team poised to "put the most in front" of the Packers on a prospective Rodgers trade to the most recent blurb from Jeremy Fowler. 

In an appearance on Sunday's SportsCenter, Fowler reported that the Broncos continue to hover in the background of the still-unfolding Rodgers-Packers divorce. 

"The Packers are still actively looking for solutions here; they're trying to keep an open line of communication with Aaron Rodgers and his agent, Dave Dunn. So, no traction in the short term. But many people around the league believe Aaron Rodgers is indeed 'dug in,' and there's a belief by some that he wants to be out West. Denver is a team that's buzzing in league circles. I was told by a source that Denver is 'monitoring' that situation right now. But they're also coming out of the draft days, and they're in the team-building mode. They really like Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater, so they're not committed or tied to anything. Talking to people around the league, they say about 60-40 they think that Rodgers is dealt."

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Rodgers doesn't seem to be budging despite the Packers' overtures to save their union with the reigning MVP and nine-time Pro Bowler. Fowler is hearing from his NFL sources that there's a 60% chance Rodgers gets dealt. 

The question then is, where does Rodgers land? 

It could be Denver if the rumors are true. But it would depend on Green Bay's ask.

Recognizing that Rodgers is entering his age-38 season, perhaps the Packers won't be overzealous in demanding a trio of first-round draft picks, a pair of second-rounders, and a core young player as initial speculation surmised. If what Denver7's Troy Renck is hearing from his sources is on the nose, the Packers might be amenable to dealing Rodgers for a pair of first-rounders, one second, and a key young player. 

Even that might be a tad rich for a soon-to-be 38-year-old quarterback because of the plausible size of his future playing window. Tom Brady is the exception that proves the rule; eventually, Father Time comes calling. 

Peyton Manning arrived in Denver at 36 and gave the Broncos four years of unprecedented success. Does Rodgers, two years older than Manning was then, have four years left in the tank? If so, what would those four years be worth in trade capital? 

Those are tough questions but if GM George Paton is truly "monitoring" the Rodgers situation, he'll have to come up with an answer that best serves the Broncos. You know the old refrain: "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

Right now, the Broncos are with Drew Lock, whom Paton himself has said he's "really high" on. And there's Teddy Bridgewater. Until and unless Rodgers gets dealt to Mile High, the Broncos will move forward with the quarterbacks they're "with" now. Whether that amounts to "love" or not is anybody's guess. 

That'll be determined by the results on-field. The NFL is a production-based business after all. 

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