Broncos GM John Elway Weighs In On Fangio's Public Criticism Of Von Miller

Chad Jensen

Ever since Vic Fangio arrived in Denver as the 17th head coach in Broncos' history, he's been critical of Von Miller. Not in a scathing way and never in an unfair way. 

Fangio is known for his frankness and sometimes being blunt as a communicator can rub people the wrong way. The question is, has Fangio's unique approach rubbed Miller that way? 

It's a fair question and one that I know a lot of fans have worried over. After all, it's not like Von Miller has been lighting it up for the Broncos this year. 

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Von has inexplicably been held without a sack in four out of the five games the Broncos have played this year. Something has gotten to the former Super Bowl 50 MVP and whatever it is, it's incumbent upon Vic Fangio to get to the bottom of it. 

In his weekly appearance on KOA's Logan and Lewis show, GM John Elway weighed in on the way Fangio has publicly criticized Miller since arriving in the Mile High City. 

Check out the video above, where I lay out the Elway quote and drill down to the bottom line; is Fangio out of line? Or is this a case of a coach playing part-time psychologist, a la Bill Parcells, in an effort to maximize the rare talent that is Von Miller? 

Are you concerned about the way Fangio has talked about Miller in the press? I want to know. Sound off in the comment section below. 

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Fangio ain’t wrong


Can you blame him. Hes not the only playmaker sick and tired of losing/things getting worse yr after yr. “I ain’t saying nothing. Thirteen more weeks for me,” Chris Harris told Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post

Need to stop blaming carousel of coaches, players etc. And someone/pls tell Elwaythis aint the 90's anymore, really. This is a passing not running league, has been for many yrs. LOL


I'm fed up with these prima donnas that get a big contract and then loose the desire and edge of their game coasting along on the fame of the plateau they have reached. Happen's every time. A fall off in production after they land the big multi year contract. Happened with DT. I would think, if anything landing the contract should put more pressure on you to live up to it. I think Von played a good game against the Chargers even though he didn't get a sack. He stopped a lot of running plays and pressured Rivers.

Another point is that the league has figured out how to play Miller. They know his moves and double team him frequently and they game plan with quick release plays and lots of passes out to the flat as well as screens.

Another scenario is Chris Harris who has slacked off his play and his intensity. There really isn't much loyalty either way today. Not by management and now not by the players either. Many great players get a year or two from their peak and get traded to make cap space. That's one of the problems with the current system. It moves players around a lot and yes they are kind of like pawns but they also have agents. I would love to see more team loyalty to and from the good players but I guess thats the game nowadays.

Ultimately it's the desire, chemistry and intensity that gets a team to the playoffs and the SB. All the teams are good. It's the team (coaches and players) that want it more, that are hungry that will give the extra effort it needs to take it deep into the playoffs.

Flacco should have something to prove. And he leads the team. I have seen far too many heads bowed down and slow walking back to the huddle, especially in the second half. I would like to see more energy and desire to win. Like Johnson and Lindsay, Freeman and Jackson. A team has to click on all cylinders with everyone.

So I suggest Miller stop reading the headlines and Harris stop pouting and play for the team, and Flacco take an energy drink at halftime.


Or just maybe the league has figured out the fangio defense , if miller can produce under a hack like Vance joseph,then u bring in the godfather of defense and his production is down..maybe it's the scheme not necessarily the player.Doesnt help our secondary has more leaks than the Iraqi navy,