Baker Mayfield On Offseason Work In Unique Environment: "Getting Back To Basics"

In his first appearance with the media since Super Bowl week, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield addressed a number of questions in a conference call with the local media. One of the areas he touched upon was about his mechanics.

Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield was on a conference call with the local media on Wednesday, the first media appearance he's had since Super Bowl week, which is something he noted. Mayfield was asked questions covering a number of topics but one of the areas he covered was his mechanics, including something offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt wanted him to change.

Mayfield provided some insight on what the current situation is allowing him to do.

“There has been a lot of learning throughout this process. During all this, it has kind of made everybody go back to the just shear fundamentals. You can’t do so many complex drills and all the stuff you might and everybody might not have the same equipment, but we can teach the very base fundamentals of what this new coaching staff wants to do and go from there. I think that has been the best thing is essentially just getting back to the basics.”

Last year, due to various factors which may have included injury and an inconsistent pocket, Mayfield got away from some of his fundamentals in terms of mechanics and footwork. He made off balanced throws and didn't shift his weight properly, which impacted passes and led to off target throws too often.

Alex Van Pelt has discussed changing Mayfield's stance in his introductory press conference. Mayfield was asked about it.

“The big thing when he is talking about that essentially is changing my stance up in shotgun formation and putting my left foot forward, which I have never done. As you look at places he has been, (Cowboys QB) Andy Dalton did it in Cincinnati. (Packers QB) Aaron Rodgers does it in Green Bay. It is just a different rhythm and timing. It is breaking some of the habits that I have had for a long time, but I am getting used to it. It is just about repetition to be quite honest with you. You can drill it and you can get used to it, but that is why having the guys down last week was so great, being able to actually translate that to real timing on routes.”

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