Baker Mayfield: "I Have Enjoyed Kind Of Sitting In And Listening In On Some Of The Receiver Meetings"

On a conference call Wednesday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield answered questions about the statuses of receivers Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry as well as given an opportunity to discuss the workouts he held in Austin, Texas.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield had a conference call with the local media on Wednesday. He provided some insight and clarity into the workouts he was holding at his home with receivers as well as some thoughts on his top receivers and where they are in their recovery from offseason surgery.

When Mayfield was asked about the workouts held in Austin with his receivers, he provided some insight as to where the Browns are when it comes to installing their offense as well as what they were doing.

“It felt really good, I will be honest. We did not have everybody. We did not want to bring some of the younger guys down to overwhelm them because we are not through our installs yet. We wanted them to still feel like they are getting used to it. We had nine guys here. It felt really good to get around them, to start speaking the terminology and for some of these guys to just to be around each other. I think that was a big thing for (TE Austin) Hooper to be down here and be around some of the guys. A lot of them were here last year, but it was good for everybody to be around, speaking the same terminology and just kind of hanging out during all this. You are kind of stuck at home, but we had a chance to get outside and throw a little bit.”

It makes more sense that a player like Donovan Peoples-Jones stayed in Deerfield, Florida to work out with Jarvis Landry. He's simply not at a point where it would be terribly productive for him and might slow down everyone else. Austin Hooper was there, which is important since he is a player the Browns expect major contributions.

Mayfield was also asked about Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry. As Beckham's groin continues to recover and Landry's hip has him aiming toward an August return, it's reasonable to ask if that's going to hold the offense back in terms of preparation.

“No, I think what we are doing right now in these Zoom meetings and these installs has created a great foundation for scheme wise being on the same page. I have enjoyed kind of sitting in and listening in on some of the receiver meetings with (pass game coordinator/wide receivers) Coach (Chad) O’Shea. He is a very sharp guy, as well. Those guys are working extremely hard after their surgeries for the rehab process. They look really good, and they say they feel really good. It appears that way. It is just a different mindset going into it. Like I said, I think they went back to the basics. They are ready to take over, and it is their time now. They know that. We only have so many more opportunities together. They are going to do it and everything for each other. I am looking forward to seeing the productivity they have.”

It's also interesting that the limitations of the offseason are also providing interesting opportunities for someone like Mayfield. Sitting in on receiver meetings with a coach, who has experience as an offensive coordinator, does offer some potential value. Understanding what O'Shea is telling his receivers, so Mayfield can better understand their approach and just increase the amount of knowledge he has is never a bad thing.

It also serves as a reminder to the receivers, particularly the young receivers fighting for a job, that the guy they want to catch passes from is paying attention, so they better be prepared, focused and understand the offense to build trust.

Mayfield was asked about the impact playing hurt all of last season. And while Mayfield does address it, he does seem to be trying to focus on this year, not trying to make excuses, which was a pattern throughout the call.

“Them being a little bit banged up – well, not a little bit; they had to have surgery – it definitely hindered them, physically obviously but the mental part of it and the frustrations that came from that I think affected it more. If you don’t feel like you are able to play at a certain level, that is frustrating. That is really frustrating if you are not able to physically do the things you are normally capable of doing. For them, I feel that frustration, but like I said earlier, they are taking advantage of this time to get better. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do this year.”

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