Browns OTA Round Up: A Tell for Which Players Are Vaccinated

Much of the focus was on Kevin Stefanski's Chief of Staff and assistant coach Callie Brownson, who pled no contest to an OVI charge stemming from a May 27th arrest, but there were a few other worthwhile notes.
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The biggest news of the day was carried over from the night before with news of the arrest and "no contest" plea from Cleveland Browns assistant Callie Brownson to charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said that Brownson would not lose her job, but is currently suspended by the team. He noted how disappointed he is in Brownson and said she will learn from the incident.

On the field, Grant Delpit had a helmet on today as he continues to progress from the Achilles' rupture he suffered in August last year. When asked if Delpit was cleared, Stefanski just mentioned he was progressing.

The Browns announced the intention to have a joint practice with the New York Giants during training camp. Stefanski had intended to hold joint practices with the Green Bay Packers in 2020, but that was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Stefanski was asked why he has been such an active part of various player charity initiatives. He replied that he wanted to have his players backs, supporting them however he could.

When he was asked about Jarvis Landry's softball game, he joked that the receiver must have seen his baseball scouting report and has not been invited.

Stefanski, who appears in PSAs for getting vaccinated for the state of Ohio was asked about the team's vaccination rate. Not surprisingly, he wasn't willing to admit what the percentage was but noted they have had conversations about getting vaccinated, citing it as a competitive advantage.

The NFL rules have incentivized players to get vaccinated by loosening rules on players who have it. Logically, they don't need to be tested as often, which is a cost saver for teams and the league, but they are also permitted to be in the facility without wearing a mask.

As a result, when Greedy Williams and John Johnson III showed set up for their media availability, it was easy to notice Williams remove his mask to do the availability. As a result, whether he has not been vaccinated yet or has simply not completed the process, which includes two weeks after the last injection, he has not cleared that bar.

It is possible that a player could be vaccinated and choose to wear a mask for added protection. It's just pretty unlikely.

Johnson did not have a mask on he needed to remove. So either he removed it before he got into the frame of the camera or he didn't need one because he is vaccinated. Fair or not, it's difficult not to notice.

Most of the Williams media availability focused on his shoulder, understandably. It's worth noting that his shoulder was cleared in March. That doesn't mean that he doesn't have to go through contact and have it hold up and get past the mental hurdles with it as well as the physical, but the medical staff cleared him three months ago and he's focused on strengthening his shoulder.

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