Kevin Stefanski: ‘This year, homefield advantage might be bigger than any year in recent memory’

With the league offering incentive to those who are vaccine, fans continue to be vaccined - the league could be heading toward full stadiums. Cleveland Browns head coach feels full stadiums will definitely have an impact this year.
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The NFL is moving in a nice direction in what could be the near end of the fight against COVID-19. The league sent out a plan for those who are vaccinated, as follows:

Many players and coaches will have the incentive of way lesser protocols if they are vaccinated. That alone will make many people in the NFL get the vaccine. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

With many being vaccinated and MLB stadiums continue to fill up, it’s not long until the NFL will be seeing full stadiums. It could be a bitter sweet feeling at first. Especially teams like the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo Bills or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These are teams that have seen a lot of bad football in the past, but are now good teams.

Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski feels a certain way about what the full stadiums mean.

Stefanski having been hired as the head coach during the time of the pandemic has never seen a packed First Energy Stadium. But, has felt the 12,000 people who were able to be heard last season when the stadium was at it’s highest allowed attendance.

Browns fans are one of a kind and haven’t really been able to pack a stadium, since the team has actually been good. The 2021 season will be special in large part just because fans will be able to see a good Cleveland team in person, for the first time in many years. If the franchise has the season they hope to have - it will be interesting to see how often Cleveland fans can impact visiting teams due to their noise.