NFLPA President J.C. Tretter On Ronnie Harrison Jr. Incident: ‘I Would Expect The Coach Gets Held To A Higher Standard’

Cleveland Browns center and NFLPA President J.C. Tretter did not like the outcome of the Ronnie Harrison ejection. Sighting the league should have been even both ways.
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Early on in the Cleveland Browns loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland saw a key player exit the game early. Safety Ronnie Harrison was ejected from the game after shoving an assistant coach of the Chiefs.

The shove by Harrison came as retaliation. Harrison was pushed by the assistant first, but the shove resulted in no ejection for the coach. NFLPA President and center J.C. Tretter is not fond of that move by the officials, or the league.

Not only was the assistant coach not ejected, he will not be facing a fine or suspension of any kind. A bad look on a league who is supposed to take importance in protecting the players. It does not look good on the NFL from an outside perspective.

“We can't have opposing coaches putting hands on opposing players,” said Browns center Tretter. It looks like the coach took exception to Harrison stepping on a Chiefs player, though it looked accidental.

With Tretter being the leader of the players association, when he talks it holds a little more weight. Perhaps he can bring a problem up like this to the league, for any future instances. At the time it looks like the Chiefs coach will get off the hook, while Harrison had to miss majority of a game.