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Tom Brady and the BRADY Brand

In an exclusive interview with Complex, Tom Brady sat down to discuss his brand, BRADY.

Tom Brady launched his new clothing brand, BRADY, on January 12th of this year. The brand is a casual athleisure menswear that sports the QBs name. The brand has also just recently released BRADY golf apparel as well.

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In an exclusive interview with Complex, Brady sat down to discuss many aspects of the new brand.

What really motivated him to launch BRADY and what makes this different than his previous brand ventures like TB12 and Under Armor?

"Well, I think the intention was to create a brand that’s gonna be around for a long, long time."

"I have a very athletic lifestyle. It’s not just an athletic life, but I’m constantly going between things for my kids as I’ve gotten older, to business meetings, to working out and training. I wanted to create something that can sustain the entire part of the day. And it’s gotta look great. I want it to be timeless. When I look back years from now, it’s not something that I’m like, “Man, what was I wearing?” I really wanted to use the things that I’ve learned about performance, being technical about the details, that’s what mattered and had mattered in my football career. There was great intention of trying to accomplish something really special and there was a lot of details that went into our work and there was a lot of creativity to what we are doing."


On his involvement with the creative process and development of apparel collections:

"I’m very involved. It’s very personal. It’s something that I really want to be involved in, but I also understand a quarterback can’t run routes, I can’t catch the ball, I can’t tackle people, and I can’t make extra points. But what I can do is play quarterback and do that to the best of my ability. I can be involved to learn and I’m gonna continue to learn as I go."

"I see everything we’re doing. I’ve seen every sample. I’ve tried it on. Ultimately, I listen to what Dao really likes and what he believes in because I feel like he’s got a great understanding of that and I have implicit trust. I think we have a great creative culture that we’ve built in a very short period of time."

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Why Brady wanted to expand the brand to also feature golf apparel:

"I’ve been playing golf since I’ve been a kid. I grew up in a family where my dad liked to play. I had three sisters, so it was kind of my dad and myself’s way to spend time with one another. It’s probably my favorite hobby outside of playing football. I’ve been watching golf tournaments for a long time."

"I think part of it was I always feel like you can see someone like, “Oh, you must be going to the golf course.” I wanted something that said, “Man, where are you going? Are you going to the office? Are you coming home? You look great.” I don’t like when you look like a golfer per se, it’s almost like a uniform. I feel like you could bring a style to the golf course that people haven’t seen before."

On bringing in Hype Williams to work with the brand:

"He’s done a lot of hard work over the years and I think he’s put himself in the middle of popular culture for a long time with a lot of amazing work that he’s done. Shooting with him, I was so impressed. I’ve been on a lot of shoots for 22 years. How he approached it and the mood on the set and his vision for what he wanted was very unique. And in the end, when I saw the way that the pictures came out, I was blown away by his creative vision. He’s always been very unique to what he’s done. I think he’s contributed a lot to a lot of guys’ work that I’ve really respected over the years in music. A lot of these guys have been my friends for a long time, too. I know when Jay-Z has a lot of respect for Hype, for example, that gives me an implicit trust in what he’s gonna shoot with me." 


The connection with college athletes and Name, Image and Likeness:

"I think it’s interesting. It came about at the beginning of last year, which was something that was new for Jens and I. This is the first time where people have had the opportunity to work with these “amateur athletes.” They could never represent brands and be paid for it. I just remember when I was in college and I was getting the $400 scholarship check every month. But we can help put some money in these kids’ pockets and allow them to do something cool while helping them in a way that I wasn’t allowed to be helped when I was in their position."

"These young athletes are trying to look for inspiration in their young careers and look to people who they can say, “Man, I like the way that he did things. I liked his approach.” That’s more important to me than going, “Man, he’s great cause he won some trophies.” Yeah, that’s great. But the “how” I did it was the most important thing. You gotta work hard, be disciplined, be determined, be humble, be open and curious about learning along the way."

It is clear that Tom Brady is very involved in his new apparel brand and that he is working on expanding the culture surrounding sports and apparel as a whole. The BRADY brand overall looks to be shift in the culture of what is appropriate to wear in many different settings and the movement seems to only have just begun for Tom Brady.

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