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Tom Brady has a message for his haters in the media world

Tom Brady responds to media criticism in recent video by the Buccaneers.

Despite previous claims that he pays little attention to media coverage, it appears as though Tom Brady sees, and hears, everything. 

The Buccaneers recently released a video, highlighted above by Don Kleiman via Twitter, which shows Brady's reaction following a series of negative media comments aimed in his direction.

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"I just look at the TV and I go like this"--"double bird"--"F*** you guys, f*** you, TV.", before letting out a smile.


For a player who has always taken the high road when dealing with the media for the better part of twenty years—as many would argue was a result of playing for (and being trained by) Bill Belichick in New England—Brady is showing a different side here.

Although this brief video shows Brady taking out some frustration on the media as a whole, it's pretty obvious he's doing so in jest. 

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Regardless, the fact that he's so willing to engage in this sort of banter at all, speaks to the freedom of expression, and willingness to express his personality for the sake of entertainment, that has not only been embraced, but almost encouraged by his "employer", since he joined the Buccaneers two years ago.


"Tompa Bay" Brady represents a complete 180 from the subdued, reserved, more conservative Tom Brady that we saw in New England for so many years—at least off the field. 

As if the 2022 NFL season didn't have enough intrigue already—especially relating to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers—it feels like we've now got a media revenge tour for Tom Brady to add to the laundry list of narratives to follow.

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