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Tom Brady is not very happy with suspension of Mike Evans

Brady spoke out about Evans' suspension during his podcast.

Buccaneers’ wide receiver, Mike Evans, and New Orleans Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore do not like each other - you could even call it hate. In Sunday’s matchup, the two were once again involved in an on-field fight that saw both players get ejected from the game. This is the third instance in which the two have gone after one another in a game.

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On Tuesday, it was announced that Mike Evans would be fined and suspended one game for his part in the brawl. One would assume this is because Evans is a repeat offender against the same player.

Evans was sticking up for his quarterback, Tom Brady, and running back, Leonard Fournette. The aforementioned Brady went on his podcast, “Let’s Go!” and commented on his star wide receiver's one-game suspension.

Brady ultimately called the suspension “ridiculous”. I don’t know if Brady is right in saying that as it was clear that Evans didn’t necessarily need to do what he did, but at the end of the day you stick up for your teammates, especially an all-time great. Not only that, but that scuffle was a changing point in the game as the Bucs reeled off 20 unanswered points to end the game and come out with the victory.

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Evans does plan to appeal his suspension, but it does not seem likely that he will be successful in that.

If the veteran is indeed going to miss the next game against the Green Bay Packers, the Bucs’ offense will have their work cut out for them due to all the injuries at the wide receiver position.

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