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Cardinals Draft Profile: QB Will Levis

The Arizona Cardinals will begin their 2023 NFL Draft prep with no stone left to turn, which includes the quarterback position. Though Kyler Murray is on the roster, there's still a slim chance new GM Monti Ossenfort may make a splash move will Kentucky QB Will Levis.

Will Levis is a quarterback prospect from Kentucky who has all of the draft community up in arms over his evaluation. He is a tough player to watch and grade for sure but all that does is make evaluators do their homework top to bottom.

These reports will be published through all the important dates throughout the draft season. The Senior Bowl and Scouting Combine are the two most significant events of the draft cycle, info gathered from them and tape evaluation will help shape these grades and reports.

Important note: not all players will be reliant on those events, as they shouldn’t be, but what they can do is help paint better pictures of prospects. Here are my notes and the results of the tape evaluation from Will Levis.

Will Levis

High School and College Notes

High School and Recruiting Background

- SPARQ MVP for The Opening Elite 11 Event in New Jersey in 2017

- Earned Second-Team Walter Camp All-Connecticut honors

- Three-Year Letter Winner in Football and Baseball

- Ranked No. 2 Player in Connecticut Recruiting, 30th Pro-Style QB Recruit

- 3-Star Recruit Across ESPN, 247 Sports, and On3

College Production

- Passing Attempts and Completions at 479/738, Completion Percentage of 64.9%

- 46 Passing Touchdowns, 17 Rushing Touchdowns

- 5,876 Passing Yards

- 8.5 Yards Per Attempt

- 25 Interceptions

Best Traits

Arm Strength

For Will Levis, the arm strength is undisputable when you watch his film. He can push the ball deep downfield and can make them across the field. He can fit balls in tight windows as well as using to make arrogant throws at times. The number one NFL trait he has is arm talent and it is going to be the one thing that keeps him the league for a longtime.

Physical Tools

Levis possesses a good build and is reliable to the point it never let him down when he was taking a beating at Kentucky. His natural gifts give him the appearance of an NFL quarterback, the way he performs with his arm and legs back those points up.

Out of Structure Ability

Levis almost performs better out of structure than he does within it at times. He maintains mechanics on the run as well as keeping eyes downfield looking for receiver options. Doesn’t appear panicked, doesn’t affect decision-making for better or worse.

Overall Thoughts and Fits Into Cardinals Plans

Each year there is a quarterback prospect who really splits the bar between two groups of the draft community and teams. This year that player is going to be Will Levis without a doubt. 

Yes, the three traits above are more than enough to earn a starting spot in the NFL but his film has some glaring holes. He makes poor decisions, has a lot of turnovers, and he never took that step you look for in a four-year player. Maybe he takes that in the NFL, or maybe he doesn’t, what a team has to decide is if they want to take that chance.

Where he fits into the Cardinals plans is more so in potentially not being a Cardinal if that makes sense. Say a team trades up to number one and takes a quarterback and then Houston follows suit, the Cardinals pick becomes super valuable. While Levis won’t be a Cardinal more than likely, his draft process could create a youth movement for this roster by having the team trade back with someone who needs him.

Round Projection, Grade and Player Comp (If Applicable)

Round Projection

- 1st Round Pick

Player Grade

- 6.9, Will Eventually Be a Plus End Starter

Player Comp

- Matthew Stafford

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