Chargers News: Jim Harbaugh Impressed with Justin Herbert to a Molecular Degree

Harbaugh cannot stop praising Herbert.
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It's not hard to see why Jim Harbaugh finally made his return to the NFL to coach the Los Angeles Chargers just in the way he talks about quarterback Justin Herbert. When Harbaugh's tenure with the San Francisco 49ers ended back in 2014, he went on to coach Michigan, leading the Wolverines to the College Football Playoff national championship title last season. During his tenure at Michigan, there were often rumors about Harbaugh returning to the NFL, but none ever materialized until he signed with the Chargers this season.

The opportunity to work with Herbert was of course a main draw for someone to take the Chargers' head coaching vacancy, which Harbaugh did. He doesn't take for granted that he gets to work with Herbert either. Rather, Harbaugh raves about everything from Herbert's humility to his arm talent.

"He's gonna get mad at me because he's got a lot of humility for someone that's so incredible," Harbaugh told Sports Central LA. "When I look at him, there's not a gene in his body I wouldn't trade with. He's incredible, name something, emotion, landmark, where he snaps the ball. He's had three coordinators in the last three years, but he's picked up this system better than all of the coaches except for Greg Roman. Then the arm talent is off the charts ... and he does it all from this perspective, which in his heart is everybody else. He does everything and anything he can for this football team. He does it without wanting any shameless self promotion."

Harbaugh doesn't even just admire Herbert, but wants to make sure he's good enough to be Herbert's coach. "Just being good enough to challenge him, challenge myself to be a good enough coach for him."

If the Harbaugh-Herbert coach-QB duo lives up to its potential, the Chargers should be a lethal threat in the NFL this season.

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