Podcast: Demarcus Robinson returns, Madden gets dramatic

It's Always Sunny In Chiefs Kingdom makes its Arrowhead Report debut, discussing Demarcus Robinson and one game from last season that you may want to forget.

This week on It's Always Sunny in Chiefs Kingdom, we kicked off the show by wondering about those blue Twitter check marks handed out to verified accounts. How do you get them? What qualifies someone as being a "public interest figure?" If a weatherman from Colorado Springs with under a thousand followers has one, shouldn't anyone be able to get one?

These are the new horizons we pondered after joining the illustrious ranks of Sports Illustrated.

Next up on the agenda was a sad look back at the last year’s Week 5 matchup when the Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Indianapolis Colts. The Chiefs played horribly, they were decimated with injuries, they had over 100 yards in penalties, they ran the ball on 2nd and 30, they scored half of the minimum output in the entire Patrick Mahomes era… and they still had a chance to win the game. Even when they were bad, they were still pretty good.

Talking about a loss for the first time in the 2019 recap series, we decided to rank all eight losses (only eight!) with Mahomes at QB. We agreed that the Indy loss was the most painful, then disagreed somewhat on the order of the next four, and then were in lockstep on the easiest three losses of the Pat Mahomes Era, including the Chiefs-Rams shootout on Monday Night Football. You want points? You want big defensive plays? You want an electric atmosphere? The best game in NFL history had it all.

After that, we had to talk a little Madden (thanks, Coronavirus!) after the Chiefs all-time team defeated the Broncos all-time team 14-10 in a simulation by Bleacher Report. This game had your typical Madden shenanigans, including bad rosters, glitchy tackling and horrible AI decision-making. But in the end, you’d have to say they got it right, as the Chiefs were victorious. The other Madden drama came as Tyreek Hill clowned Tyrann Mathieu in The Checkdown’s COVID-19 relief tournament, 62-32, before Honey Badger rage-quit and proceeded to light up his teammate on Twitter. Come on champs, hug it out.

Finally, a listener asked us to draft our 10 best quarterbacks of all time. Listen to the episode for the full list and find out where Mahomes was drafted. (Yes, of course, he was drafted.)

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Note: This episode was recorded before the Chiefs renegotiated a contract with WR Sammy Watkins.