Do the Chiefs Really Need to Sign Le'Veon Bell?

As soon as the news of the New York Jets' release of once-elite running back Le'Veon Bell's started to circulate, speculation of his addition to the Kansas City Chiefs roster began. But to Arrowhead Report's Tucker Franklin, there's more to Bell than meets the eye.

As soon as the news of the New York Jets' release of once-elite running back Le'Veon Bell's started to circulate, speculation of his addition to the Kansas City Chiefs roster began.

Some people think the acquisition of the veteran back is a no-brainer and would be a home run for the team, which is possible. Head coach Andy Reid and company have done a lot more with a lot worse players, but to me, there's more to Bell than meets the eye.

Bell is tempting, he really is. His pass-blocking abilities, his pass-catching abilities and his history of running the ball well — including the 170 yards he rushed for against the Chiefs in the 2016 playoffs — are all enticing features that would help the Chiefs' offense and honestly, be a lot of fun to see.

But I'm hesitant. 

The problem with the running game has never been rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. His ability and talent are both great but as I've mentioned several times — including in my column yesterday — the positions he's put in and the blocking he's been given has not been optimal.

That brings up the question, what would Bell fix that Edwards-Helaire couldn't?

There are obviously more pressing issues than who is taking snaps in the backfield. The offensive line has been underperforming and is now going to be without their second-best run-blocking lineman, according to Pro Football Focus, for the rest of the season.

Bell has been a victim of poor offensive line play for his two years in New York. With the Jets, Bell played in 17 games, accumulated zero 100-yard rushing games and scored four total touchdowns. What's there to show that the former superstar will return to his premier level with another injured and questionable offensive line?

Even with Bell in the mix, the situational playcalling would still need to change. Edwards-Helaire hasn't been put in the best positions to succeed when it comes to running the ball and I don't think there's much Bell would change on that front if he were to join the team.

One loss doesn't mean the Chiefs have to abandon the whole system and bring on a running back who hasn't had a rushing attempt go for more than 19 yards in 264 carries.

That's what Arrowhead Report's Mark Van Sickle joined me to talk about on today's Roughing the Kicker podcast. We try and put the Chiefs' loss into perspective and why they shouldn't hit the panic button while shining some light on the positives from Sunday's loss to the Raiders.

Would I be mad if Bell came in on a veteran minimum, one-year deal and scored some touchdowns while helping the Chiefs "Run it Back?" Absolutely not. That would be fun and I would be glad I was wrong. I'm not that cynical. But Kansas City doesn't need to go back to the buffet with their plate already full.

If they haven't been able to make it work with their guy for the long haul, what makes you think things will work with Bell? I would rather see Edwards-Helaire find his way and his comfort in the offense.

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