The Chiefs Don't Need to Make Any Moves at the Trade Deadline

Tucker D. Franklin

With the NFL trade deadline rapidly approaching, it's natural for fans to ask if the Kansas City Chiefs should consider making a move to bolster their squad heading into the final half of the season.

While it's a valid question to ask, I think there is a pretty easy answer and that is no.

Arrowhead Report's Conner Christopherson and Jordan Foote both joined me to discuss this topic and answer questions and field listener comments on today's Roughing the Kicker podcast.

I don't think the Chiefs need to bother with making trades at the deadline. They have all the right players but have lacked in the consistency department on both sides of the ball.

The only areas of concern I could see Kansas City needing to address are linebacker and offensive line. But recent performances from those two position groups are starting to turn their outlooks around.

Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson have begun to play like average linebackers which has made the defense seem better in the past two games. Tackling still remains an issue as the rush defense ranks 31st in DVOA.

Offensive line replacements Daniel Kilgore, Nick Allegretti and Mike Remmers have provided a spark in the rushing attack but leave more to be desired when it comes to pass protection.

While these position groups are probably the weakest in Kansas City, there are no glaring issues that need to be addressed like last season. The Chiefs remain a top team in the league and can more than likely win a Super Bowl with what they already have. 

There's no need to put water on something that's not on fire and there's no need to spend draft capital when there isn't an issue

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