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Report: Carson Wentz Will 'Probably' be Traded Before March 16

Carson Wentz's future in Indianapolis is reportedly 'bleak'.

The Indianapolis Colts are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to quarterback Carson Wentz. After a less-than-stellar debut season as a Colt, Wentz wasn't bad but he wasn't the transcendent impact player commensurate with his cost. 

And so, the Colts are vacillating on what to do with the 29-year-old veteran. With a deadline of sorts approaching on March 16, NFL insiders are reporting that the Colts will "probably" trade Wentz. 

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is about as rock-solid as it gets as a media source. If he's being told that Wentz's future in Indy is "bleak", it most likely is. 

However, the Colts should be careful what they wish for because finding a quarterback to produce a season even as middling as Wentz's 2021 campaign was is far easier said than done. One in the hand is worth two in the bush, and so forth. 

If Wentz was willing to perhaps renegotiate his contract, that might move Colts' GM Chris Ballard off his "bleak" outlook. Then again, perhaps Wentz and Frank Reich simply failed to rekindle the magic connection the two shared back in Philadelphia. 

Wentz finished the 2021 campaign as a 17-game starter, completing 62.4% of his passes for 3,563 yards and 27 touchdowns. He was picked off just seven times. 

Those numbers, while not exactly on the Star Wars level of Peyton Manning's golden era, are stunningly efficient from the outside looking in. How many quarterbacks in the NFL exceeded 25-plus touchdowns in 2021? 

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Take a wild guess.

The answer is 11. Less than half of the league's starting quarterbacks produced at Wentz's level in the end zone. Now, is that the whole story on Wentz? Of course not. 

He was very conservative at times but his play helped keep the Colts viable and was a great complement to Jonathan Taylor's dominant emergence on the ground. 

Will the Colts get out of the Wentz business? All will be know in due time. There are certainly many QB-needy teams in the NFL, including the Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

But remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. 

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