Colts Owner Jim Irsay Reaches Out To Public With Bob Seger Song


INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL owner who started out as a kid picking up socks and jockstraps in the Baltimore Colts locker room grew up ever mindful of the community.

Jim Irsay’s latest genuine extension came in the form of a video message tweeted to the public on Friday. Holding his dog Drake, he encouraged people to “follow the playbook, do what they say” in dealing with a coronavirus pandemic. Indiana was recently proclaimed a stay at-home state, which means going out for only work or vital reasons.

“Trust me, the sun will rise,” Irsay said. “We will play games. We will be united together.”

Irsay, 60, has always been extraordinarily generous, writing countless checks to worthy causes without wanting publicity. Last week, the Colts raised $300,000 for the Gleaners Food Bank, then Irsay donated an additional $1 million.

“I’m just sending sending great wishes to everyone,” he said. “We’re doing everything we can to get food to the children that aren’t getting their meals at lunch. We’re just sending out a lot of love and good wishes.”

A poetic soul with an affinity for music and song lyrics, Irsay finished his video by grabbing a guitar and singing “a touch of Bob Seger,” 1973’s “Turn The Page.” After the rendition, he added, “I’m not Paul McCartney or John Lennon, but I love ya all, God bless.”