Veteran Leader Says Colts Not 'Pressing' Despite 0-2 Start

Though the Indianapolis Colts are off to a rough 0-2 start and are marred by injuries, the team will not press, according to veteran tight end Jack Doyle. (Video via Indianapolis Colts YouTube).
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When adversity strikes, how one responds to it is always the key in handling it. 

Indianapolis Colts' veteran tight end Jack Doyle seems to believe that, stating that at 0-2, the Colts will not be pressing any harder than they already are, especially while dealing with key injuries and some rough play on the field. 

Speaking to reporters Monday, Doyle stated that while the Colts certainly want to get into the win column in Week 3 against the Tennessee Titans, the team is not going to press the issue and become overzealous. 

“Every week is urgent. Then you add an urgency of a division game, that adds an urgency to it," Doyle said to reporters. "Then, you know, wanting to get in the win column in this season to start that trend and get that ball rolling. You don’t press though at the same time. You dig deeper into the process that you know works and that’s getting the practice and getting the reps and that’s getting better every single day and the results and things like that will fall into place.”

There's something to be said about trusting the process, which is what Doyle is saying in a roundabout way. While the play has been up and down in the first two weeks of the season, and the team has been dealt blow after blow on the injury front, the Colts can lean on veterans like Doyle and continue to put in the work during the week, prepare their tails off, and trust that doing the right things will lead to a win in the end. 

That may not be what those in the fanbase want to hear, but oftentimes it's the correct approach, especially early in a season like the Colts are. How Indianapolis responds in Week 3 against the Titans could go a long way towards how the Colts continue to respond to adversity throughout the rest of the 2021 season. 

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