Reich: 'Jacob (Eason) is in the Driver's Seat'

Head Coach Frank Reich remains confident in Jacob Eason, quarterback room despite injury to Carson Wentz.
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It has certainly been a hectic Training Camp for the Indianapolis Colts, as starting quarterback Carson Wentz will be sidelined anywhere from 5-12 weeks with a foot injury.

Head Coach Frank Reich spoke to the media today about the injury to Wentz, and about how long he could possibly out:

But all you’ve got to do is just ask the doctors what the timeframes are so we asked the two best doctors in the world what’s the timeframe, and here’s the answer – the answer is the timeframe is 5-12 weeks. That’s the timeframe for this injury. That’s a big range and there is no way to know where you’re going to fall in that continuum until you get into the rehab process. Obviously, we’re optimistic and hopeful that we can be somewhere towards the front end of that, but the reality is you can be anywhere in that spectrum.

With the uncertainty around Wentz and his injury, there has been plenty of speculation by national media on whether or not the Colts could pursue a veteran quarterback-- such as Marcus Mariota or Nick Foles-- to start until Wentz returns.

Reich seemingly shut down that speculation in his media availability after practice, stating that he "loves" Jacob Eason and thinks he's "making good progress."

"I had a good conversation with Jacob (Eason) yesterday, ‘Hey man, it’s your show. Let’s go.’ He has to prepare like he’s starting Week 1. We don’t know if that will happen or not but he’s got to get ready." said Reich. "We’re going to trust him in that process, support him and get behind him and just help him to continue to get better. He’s got the right mindset."

While Eason hasn't played a snap in the NFL, Reich was quick to point out the fact that he was in the building last year, and he was working "his butt off" as a rookie:

"But Jacob (Eason) is working his butt off after practice, before practice, in individual period, sitting in the meeting room with Philip Rivers and Jacoby Brissett, learning the highs and lows of the game from them and taking that all in." said Reich. "No doubt it’s a challenge, but I like that for Jacob. I’m excited for that."

When asked directly about whether Eason was competing for the starting role with Wentz out, Reich didn't mince his words:

"He’s got to prove it. He knows that. He’s in the driver’s seat." said Reich. "Jacob (Eason) is in the driver’s seat, he’s getting the reps with the ones and I’m believing that that’s going to work out the way we want it to work out."

While it is still unknown who will be the week one starter for the Colts, Frank Reich appears to be committed to the second-year signal caller. Eason may not be completely ready to start in the NFL, but it is time to see what the talented, young quarterback truly has.


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