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'Bullcrap Report' of QB Jimmy Garoppolo Trade? 3 Reasons Behind Ron Rivera Truth

ESPN Adam Schefter trade story about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo coming to Washington? Here's why Ron Rivera is calling it "bullcrap.''
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Washington Commanders coach Ron Rivera is in a mood. And he should be.

But why, following his team’s Sunday 24-8 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 3, would he go out of his way to call an ESPN Adam Schefter trade story about quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo coming to Washington "bullcrap''?

Let us count the ways.

“Bullcrap report, OK? Just so everybody understands that,” Rivera said after the loss, which dropped Washington to 1-2. “I didn’t talk to anybody about that. I’m not sure where that all came from.''

One: Rivera's resentment: He's labored tirelessly to be a singular and unifying voice in the building. So, in his plan, if he's not the one who told it to Schefter, then nobody should've told it to Schefter.

Worth noting: Schefter's critics giggle at his "Anchorman'-like habit of copy-and-pasting (on Twitter and on-air) the subjective and biased texts he receives from agents with an agenda.

If that's who "told it to'' Schefter, the consumer (if not Rivera) has the right to wish that information be vetted ... rather than just recited.

Two: The "Sunday Splash'' style of network reporting. This has become a driving force in the industry, yet another ESPN-perpetuated fraud. The "Worldwide Leader'' "cheats'' by "re-breaking'' old news - maybe from the previous Tuesday or maybe from the previous spring - with a certain breathlessness that fakes urgency.

The local Washington media does a fine job telling you on Friday and Saturday, for instance, which injured Commanders are "in'' or "out'' for the game. Why, then, does Schefter rise and shine on Sunday to start tweeting at 5 a.m. the exact same regurgitated information?

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"Fake urgency.''

Rivera has been around this block. He is sincere enough in his work and in his life to resent the deception.

Three: "Truth'' vs. "Timing.'' Did Washington investigate a trade for the San Francisco 49ers QB? By their own spring-time hints, the front office did indeed. Remember the Commanders' boasted about exploring "every'' possibility, all the way up to the Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes?

If Washington was prepared to offer on Mahomes, it makes simple sense that they went even beyond that for a quality QB who was actually available. Indeed, we don't think Rivera is bothered by the “multiple draft picks'' part of the report (that's logical) nor by the concept that the deal was derailed by Jimmy G's shoulder surgery.

No. In addition to Rivera saying, "I didn’t talk to anybody about Jimmy Garoppolo'' - which may be a semantic fudge - the Washington boss also added, "I’m disappointed that came out like that, especially before today’s game. I really am.''

And what does he mean by that? Rivera is trying to maintain support for the QB he did acquire, Carson Wentz (who was part of being sacked nine times in Week 3). And a "Sunday Splash,'' delivered by an accused "cue-card reader'' with the top authority on the subject (Rivera) not having a voice as a source?

Yes. A lot of people should be "disappointed that it came out like that.''

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