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Cowboys Fans Speak Out On Coach McCarthy's 'Hot Seat'

As we sit here with games in September not yet upon us, and with McCarthy's Cowboys favored by most experts to win the NFC East, hot takes on his 'hot seat' seem ... emotional.

FRISCO - This isn't about having the "logically right answer,'' because at this early stage in head coach Mike McCarthy's tenure, as it regards a "hot seat,'' there is no such thing as "logically right.''

There is, mostly, emotion.

Which brings us to the thoughts on Dallas Cowboys fans on the subject of McCarthy, their confidence in him and the level of security he should have working for team owner Jerry Jones.

In a new survey conducted by our buddy Jon Machota of The Athletic, about 10% of the 1,362 voters fall into the “not confident” category while harboring the belief that Dallas needs to “start looking for their next head coach.”

As we sit here with games in September not yet upon us, and with McCarthy's Cowboys favored by most experts to win the NFC East, that take seems ... emotional.

Meanwhile, 36.4 percent of surveyed Cowboys fans define themselves as “somewhat confident” in McCarthy, the thinking being in part that the team “can’t be any worse” than last season’s 6-10 squad,

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That seems reasonable enough.

And what about sheer "confidence''? The majority of those surveyed (48.8 percent) fall into the category of “expect(ing) the team to be much better in (McCarthy’s) second season.”

That seems reasonable ... but so does the fact, as Machota writes, that “only 58 of the 1,362 voters are 'very confident’ that McCarthy will eventually get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.''

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Is that reasonable? Given Dallas' quarter-of-a-century history and the general mountain-climb that is a Super Bowl berth? Sure. Even with the Dak Prescott leadership factor ... That seems reasonable.

Does all of this mean a Mike McCarthy "hot seat''? There, it helps to have more than "emotion,'' but also an understanding of how the Jones family works when it comes to coaches. Jerry Jones is an advocate of his coaches, and a believer in his coaches - putting him in the 48.8 percent who envision the 2021 Dallas Cowboys being winners.

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