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WATCH: Cowboys QB Dak Gift Makes Him Fan Favorite At College World Series

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott made Mississippi State fans happy as a four-year starter. He just did it again at a baseball game.

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was in attendance at the College World Series game this week between his alma mater Mississippi State and Vanderbilt. 

To be a fan cheering your team along, in person, at the College World Series would be enough of a thrill itself. Catching a home run ball at that game would put that memory over the top. But for one Mississippi State fan, it didn’t stop there. 

Imagine the thrill of this fan as he not only catches a home run ball, but gets an absolute legend from the school, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott to sign it.

Prescott’s generosity didn’t stop with that fan, however.  According to Yahoo! Sports, Dak, attending with girlfriend Natalie Buffett, also donated Beats headphones to every member of the Mississippi State baseball team. 

Prescott obviously has close ties to the school, as evidenced by the annual ProCamps youth football camp he brings there. 

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Prescott has been generous not just with his former school, but with his rehabbing teammates this past offseason as well. He continues to set an example both on and off the field since enjoining the Dallas Cowboys in 2016  

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We'll have to wait and see if Prescott’s generosity and kind-heartedness can will the Bulldogs to a College World Series Championship. ... just as Cowboys fans will have to wait to see if their team leader can power Dallas toward championships. But if attitude helps? Dak Prescott's got that.

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