What Does Free Agent Cowboys D-Lineman Michael Bennett Do With All Of His Money?

Mike Fisher

FRISCO - Michael Bennett is a three-time Pro Bowler who is about to hit NFL free agency after having served as a "rental'' for the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. He's talked of the idea of retirement, and if at age 34 he actually opts to leave the game, there's a good bet he'll be able to do so because he's so financially stable.

And what does he think is the secret to his financial stability?

“I keep my checks until the end of the season to make sure I don’t spend any money,'' Bennett said. "And then at the end of the season, I deposit it,”

Bennett, recorded earlier this year for an episode of the “Kneading Dough” podcast, was undrafted in 2009 and therefore didn't get the huge paycheck to start his career. Maybe his frugality is rooted there ... or maybe it comes from his childhood in Louisiana, when he said he worked odd jobs so he could help his family afford the basics.

“I had different jobs, and I used to save my money to buy me and my brother’s school clothes,” he said. “I worked at a water park, a grocery store and most of the time I was a lifeguard. I was a lifeguard for four years.”

Bennett said that rather than accepting his weekly paychecks via direct deposit, he likes to receive his NFL checks by hand, as that helps him be more aware of his money and the handling of it. He's made $60 million in career earnings so far ... With his next decision centering on whether he wants any more paychecks from the NFL.