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Does Cowboys QB Dak’s 2nd MRI Mean Trouble?

Dak is not a player with a history of lingering injuries, but is the shoulder something that could cause problems in 2021? – The Cowboys Daily Blitz Podcast

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott told the Cowboys world that his shoulder is progressing well enough that he plans to be starting in the season-opener on September 9 in Tampa against Tom Brady and the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers. In fact, he says, if that was this weekend? He’d start at QB.

So what’s the reasoning behind the second MRI?

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Prescott described his injury and said he has had no soreness in the last couple of days of throwing since leaving practice on July 28, when he underwent an MRI exam that showed a strained muscle in his right shoulder/back.

“Talking to all the doctors, talking to the people who have dealt with injuries like this, if you stay on that path and you get past it, once you’re healed for the most part, you’re ready to go,'' he said.

Prescott and the Cowboys hope he can play in the third preseason game against the Houston Texans on August 21, but more important is being ready for the season opener in Tampa.

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Why, then, is another MRI necessary after the Cowboys break camp in Oxnard and return home after Friday’s preseason matchup against the Arizona Cardinals?

Is it a matter of caution? Due diligence? Or is it something else? Let’s discuss!

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